Say Hello to Nexudus’ brand-new Website!

Say Hello to Nexudus’ brand-new Website!

Say Hello to Nexudus’ brand new Website!

Following a few months of dedication, planning and organisation here at Nexudus, we are very excited to announce the launch of our brand new Nexudus website.

When making the newly-designed site, we wanted to make it as responsive and efficient as possible, simpler to navigate, extremely user-friendly, and of course, we had to make it easy on the eye.

What’s new?

  • New design

  • New sections

  • Nexudus Academy

  • More information on our integrations

  • Resellers info

  • New team page (about us)

  • Press resources

New design, who’s this?

Enjoy the fresh new look and feel we have gone for with the new site; we have invigorated the colour scheme, introducing striking new tones but staying true to our traditional Nexudus orange. With the newly-improved navigational system and search feature, you will be able to explore the site as before, but find the information you are looking for much more quickly and easily.

Get clued up on Nexudus

As well as switching up the website’s format, we have introduced many new segments that will help to display the benefits of using Nexudus to manage your flexible workspace. One of these is the Nexudus Academy section, which links through to our knowledge base. Here, you will be able to brush up on all things Nexudus, plan and implement changes to your space’s setup and learn the core concepts in the platform.

Everything you need to know about our integrations

As we realise just how important it is for Nexudus to work alongside your existing infrastructure, we have included as much information on our integrations as we can, and as we have a lot (we mean, a LOT!) we have reinvigorated the current page to equip you with all necessary knowledge about each. Here, you have quick access information on what each integration can offer. Have a particular integration in mind? Instead of scrolling through all of them, use the categories list on the left sidebar, or easier still, use the search box to find exactly the information you’re looking for.

Become a Nexudus Ambassador

Another of our newest sections provides extensive information around our reseller scheme, which we have added a dedicated page for. This page drills down in detail on becoming an ambassador for Nexudus - in doing so, you will be able to introduce your community to the best automation solution for coworking spaces. You have a choice of three levels of involvement offering different levels of remuneration, take a look through to see which will work best for you! As well as this, we have included an Implementation Specialists area, where you can find a curated list of relevant consultants with extensive experience in coworking, who will be able to help you along the line with execution.

A little bit about us...

We believe that any good business should be able to tell their story effectively through their About Us page, and ours is no different! It summarises who we are and gives you an opportunity to learn more about our story, our history, and our presence across the globe.

Take a look at some of the lovely people across the organisation who will be helping you out - you can see our team’s avatars too!

Manage your business on the go with Nexudus Apps

Nexudus comes with a suite of companion apps, so to help you make the most of these, we have given them their own Apps page on the website. With a wide range of abilities and use cases, these apps enhance the experience for your members, and contribute greatly to Nexudus’ overall automation solution offering. Choose between Passport by Nexudus, NexBoard, NexDelivery, NexIO, NexEvents and NexClicker, or make use of all of them to utilise the Nexudus suite to its fullest potential.

Interested in writing about us?

We have added a press resources section, so you can easily gain access to different types of Nexudus media. Download our logos, high-resolution assets such as screenshots, or contact us if you are interested in having one of our employees speak at your event. We’d welcome the opportunity to spread the word about Nexudus, or coworking as a whole!

So why don’t you take a look for yourself? Although we may be a little biased, we’re pretty excited about it, but please don’t forget your feedback is so important to us. If there is anything that you particularly like about the new Nexudus website, or anything that could be done better, please do not hesitate to let us know.

Happy surfing!

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