“It is a creative, beautiful coworking space, but it's nothing without the people”

Coworking is now a mainstream phenomenon. It offers flexibility, freedom and an opportunity to collaborate and network with other professionals, so it’s no surprise how popular the concept has become. As a result, there are now more than 14,411 coworking spaces in the world. But how do you find a space that suits your needs? What is the community like? These are all important questions, but we can assure you that The Clubhouse is one that stands out in the crowd. 

Video of The Clubhouse space and team 

The Clubhouse was opened after the founder, Adam Blaskey had enough of meeting clients in uninspiring places around London. Today, it is a leading business members club and meeting space offering inspiring, innovative and luxurious flexible spaces in four locations in central London.

“The main idea is to fill a gap between coworking spaces and serviced offices, on the one hand, and meeting in hotel lobbies and coffee shops on the other. It’s a very premium, very professional and hopefully very productive, vibrant, energetic place in which people can come to work and meet their clients,” explains Adam Blaskey, CEO & Founder.

The Clubhouse is designed to be comfortable but also professional, i.e. it’s your home-office away from home, which features premium interior design, services and facilities to impress clients. It is designed to optimise productivity and meet the requirements of businesses of all shapes and sizes (startups, SME’s and global organisations), and help them to grow.

The Greenhouse is a room to brainstorm ideas, collaborate, present and develop your plans
The Clubhouse in Bank features a private roof terrace set against a backdrop of the City skyline with stunning views.

Let’s check out what the team have to say about their space and community, as shown in the video above:

What’s special or impactful about your physical coworking space?

“The design of the space is very much how I would like a home-office to be - it’s a home-office away from home. So, it’s comfortable for somebody to be able to work here. But, it’s also premium and somewhere you’d be happy to invite clients to, knowing that you are going to get the service that you expect, but also knowing that the space is a little bit wow, it’s a little bit special.” Owen Gregory, Chief Operating Officer

Working from home is the go-to for many solopreneurs and freelancers, for reasons such as, it’s the cheapest option, it’s flexible, and it’s comfortable. However, there are some downsides - it’s easy to get too comfortable, it can get lonely and there are distractions, such as household chores and Netflix... And let’s not forget that you would need to find somewhere else to have meetings!

Getting up in the morning with purpose and direction is what drives us. Being in an environment that excites us, sparks creativity, and being surrounded by ambitious people can make such a difference to our success. Coworking spaces such as The Clubhouse provide premium services and facilities which you are unable to get at home or cafés, as well as opportunities to socialise and network with others - where you can be as sociable or anti-social as you want.

"We really try and blend residential interior design and boutique hotel interior design into, in other words, a commercial space.” Adam Blaskey, CEO & Founder

How important are people to The Clubhouse?

“One thing, is that it is a creative beautiful workspace or great creative meeting space, but it's nothing without the people. So, it's a great member community that we have and it's a great team that we have at Clubhouse to help facilitate that.

Service is at the forefront of what we do and we want to make sure that whether you are a member of ours or whether you are just coming to us for the day or whether you are a guest of one our members, that you receive the best possible service that you can. Very similar to what you’d experience in a leading five star hotel.” Adam Blaskey, CEO & Founder

The dedicated team are on hand to attend to their members’ or visitors’ needs. Have an event? No need to stress, as the organised team are there to ensure everything goes smoothly. The Clubhouse has also partnered with professional event caterers to satisfy guests with tasty food, and meeting rooms can also be catered! The Clubhouse values its community, and wants to make their members’ lives easier, so that they can focus on building successful businesses.  

What makes The Clubhouse unique?

“Our aim is to make our members and their businesses more successful and if we can do that by providing the right space, the right environment, the correct community and if we can pull that together, using our personal touch which is our aim, then I think that’s what makes it unique.” Owen Gregory, Chief Operating Officer

Spaces such as The Clubhouse are trying to provide the comfort and flexibility of being at home as well as inspiring design, premium service and a supportive community to help your business thrive. Need to impress your clients? Bring them to a beautiful shared workspace where you can wow them with cutting-edge technology and a fully catered meeting.

Look out for our next, Nexudus Presents interview - they just keep coming, and as always, it will feature another stimulating flexible workspace that uses our white-label workspace management software. Learn more about other coworking spaces - their design, services, facilities and community!

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