“Coworking can be noisy but we found the technology that cancels noise around you”

Are you ready for the next video in our series showcasing some of the diverse spaces Nexudus works with? We can assure you that it’s another amazing one!

Fora, has distinctive and stylish coworking spaces that focus on design, service and technology in order to meet the needs of its community and bring something unique to the market, with the help of its background in hospitality.

Speaking of hospitality, Fora’s staff are trained by the world’s oldest hospitality school in Lausanne, Switzerland, in order to deliver premium service and make their member’s feel at ease in their working environment. Fora also employs innovative technology to spark productivity, and provides beautiful and luxurious design to induce positive and creative thinking.

The coworking trend is growing at an increasing rate, and consequently, the expectations from agile workers is also growing, partly due to the rapid advancement in technology. Spaces like Fora are trying to keep up with these expectations by creating more specialist and niche ‘homes’ that cater to the needs of their community. 

Video showcasing Fora spaces 

As shown in the video above, let’s explore some of the things that the Fora team had to say about their premium spaces and what they do to help their Fora community:

What makes Fora unique?

 “We have introduced a level of service that wasn’t here in the market, which comes from our background in hospitality and we really try to bring the hotel-style service to our space. We design our spaces, and when you walk into our spaces you get this kind of energy from the beauty of the space.” Enrico Sanna, CEO

 Fora’s mission is to make “you love your work, perform at the top of your game and advance your career”, and so, they went the extra mile by partnering with professors at MIT to study the science behind collaboration. This study aims to aid in creating optimal design and composition in their spaces in order to stimulate innovation, creativity and collaboration.

 As mentioned before, the coworking phenomenon is growing rapidly, which means innovating is key, in order stand out from the crowd. Differentiation between coworking spaces also helps workers find a spot that provides the services and community they are looking for. Spaces like Fora have recognised this and are acting upon it effectively.

The Borough space features a top floor Residents’ lounge with a panoramic view of London’s skyline and a Scandinavian restaurant ‘Borealis’.

What features and facilities does Fora provide to help its community?

Fora’s Borough coworking spaces features a new Scandinavian restaurant ‘Borealis’, which conveys Fora’s strategy to offer a more grown-up version of coworking, compared to some of the more informal cafés or party areas provided by other coworking spaces. Borealis is meant to be a place where Residents “can bring clients for a meal and win business”.

Through technology, Fora “makes your day much easier - the connectivity, how you do a conference call, how you do a video conference call, how you book a space, how you get food to your desk, all of that is through technology.

The number one complaint of coworkers? Too much noise! I think we can all relate to this. But Fora has found a solution - “We found the technology out of MIT that cancels the noise around you,” says Enrico Sanna, CEO

Even though coworking has become such a trendy concept, there is still a ‘not-so-cool’ issue - the shared, present and hardly-bearable noise. Too much noise in these open coworking spaces can be irritating, and disrespectful to your ‘psychological privacy’ - which is necessary for creativity and focus.

I’m sure we can all agree that we get more work done with fewer distractions. Therefore, finding a solution to this problem eliminates, or at least minimizes, a key issue for coworkers and further increases their productivity levels.

Fora meeting room

What is the vibe and community like at Fora? 

“We don’t talk as much about the community of Fora as about a sense of belonging. Coming into Fora almost feels like coming home. It’s a place that people really feel very comfortable.

You want to feel like this is your home or that it feels way better than an office because it feels like home. In the sense that I’m determining how this place is going to feel because I belong here, because this is my house, is something we are very focused on.” Sam Gregory, Head of Growth

In fact, Fora refers to their members as ‘Residents’ to add to this feeling of comfort and they consider their Residents to be at the center of what they do.

“Our Residents are everything, we try to listen to our Residents, understand our Residents, build really meaningful relationships and that’s what sets us apart.” Matthew Buckingham, Head of Operations

In order to grow a strong coworking community, people need to treat each other with respect. Listening and paying attention to your members, wanting to get to know them, shows that you value them, and if this is reciprocated it can build meaningful and trusting relationships, which benefits the entire community.


More and more freelancers, entrepreneurs and startups are choosing to work in shared workspaces for various reasons, but it’s likely a flexible space that maximises their productivity is an important factor. Fora is using its hospitality skills, cutting-edge technology and research to try and meet this requirement. They are also trying to stimulate innovation and make their Residents’ day smoother.

At Nexudus our mission is also to meet the needs of an industry that is evolving constantly. Our growing understanding of coworking needs, combined with our innovative approach means that we try to keep our software up-to-date with new features and improve user experience.

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