Onboarding With Nexudus: Laying the Foundation for Thriving Spaces

Onboarding With Nexudus: Laying the Foundation for Thriving Spaces

In a digital-first world, having a streamlined onboarding experience is the key to bolstering business growth. It’s a crucial juncture where our commitment to ensuring you understand our products and services comes to the forefront, so your customers are happy with you.

At Nexudus, our onboarding experience begins and ends with you and your success. It’s not just about introducing you to our product but empowering you to harness its potential to suit your unique business needs.

So, let’s get onboarding!

Stage 1: Interested? 

Our onboarding experience begins with a comprehensive understanding of your goals and project requirements. Building strong alignment with your success metrics at the start and is a core part of our customer ethos.

Our Sales Team may reach out to you, recognising the potential for Nexudus to address your business needs. Alternatively, you may have proactively found us, recognising the value of our product and landing on our contact page to express your interest. Either way, we adopt a continuous-touch approach.

This means that we stay connected to you throughout your journey to ensure you don’t feel the typical onboarding pains.

Stage 2: Personalised demos.

Once you’ve expressed interest, our sales team will step in to ensure you get a fast yet comprehensive understanding of our product - tailored to your needs. This is a great opportunity to understand how our solutions for coworking, hospitality, commercial real estate and smart offices can suit your organisation.

During the demo, you’ll have the chance to explore core features, such as booking resources, access control, CRM functionality, analytics tools and even how we integrate natively with all the software you already utilise.

Stage 3: Purchasing and contingencies.

We’re big on simplicity. At this stage, if you find us suited to your business objectives, you can go ahead with your decision to purchase by signing our proposal. We offer ways for you to experience all our core functionality, for free, for a limited time. No questions asked.

This offers you a flexible environment in which to get an extended understanding of how our software can adapt to your goals. It also gives you 21 days to determine if we might not be the right fit for you, so that you’re not locked into anything.

Stage 4: Introduction to implementation.

Depending on the package you have chosen - Starter, Intermediate or Pro - your implementation experience might look a little different. Our onboarding services are more extensive and hands-on for larger packages. We’ll touch on this below.

As for now, here’s a succinct breakdown of what to expect as part of a starter package:

1. Your Sales Agent will introduce you to our dedicated Implementation Team who will be setting up your Nexudus account. They are here to guide you through the initial setup and usage.

2. Your Implementation Specialist will reach out to arrange an Introductory Call. This call will take you through how to fill in our Basic Settings File. The structure of the file correlates directly with the Nexudus platform and will be implemented once complete. The file encompasses “Inventory Set Up” which will be the bedrock upon which you will build your customer contracts and offerings: Billings & Tax, Membership Plans, Resources and Products.

3. Upon completion of this file, your Implementation Specialist will initiate the set-up. They will reach out for a second call, providing you the opportunity to review the set-up and witness it in action to ensure that everything aligns with your objectives. After this demonstration, your Implementation Specialist will request a “sign-off” on the Implementation phase. Any feedback left during ‘sign-off’ can then be used to improve the onboarding experience for future customers ensuring that it remains user-friendly and efficient. It’s a green light for your Nexudus journey as they move you towards unlocking your two free training calls with our Support Specialists.

Stage 5: Book your training call.

With your set-up complete, you can go ahead and book your two one-hour training calls entirely at your discretion. Our support specialists are always at hand to help.

The calls may cover any area of the platform, or any integrations we deal with, ensuring that you understand how to make the most of Nexudus’ capabilities. Once you have used your training calls, you will receive ongoing email support from us and the opportunity to purchase additional hours, further training calls, access our on-hand knowledge base, or even enrol in courses through our Nexudus Academy.

Stage 6: Unlocking Intermediate and Pro tiers.

You might find that you need more hands-on support from our Implementation team - and to that we say - ALWAYS! We’ve structured support functionality to ensure it’s as flexible and adaptable to your needs as our platform itself.

So if the starter package has scratched the surface of the set-up you require, and you wish to continue on, we’ve made it easy to ramp up onboarding support, which you can learn more about here.

In addition to Intermediate and Pro support tiers, customers can add top up their support (without getting tied into long term packages) by purchasing implementation hours individually.

These hours can be used on:

  • Comprehensive Inventory set-up
  • Language imports
  • Chart of Accounts and tax rate creation and setup
  • Billing settings
  • Mapping floor plans
  • Creating user roles and permissions
  • Setting up your members’ portal
  • CRM functionality
  • Creating document templates
  • CRM board flow creation
  • Survey creation
  • Setting up community tools, perks and more
  • FAQ Articles for members and customers
  • Message Boards & Virtual Rooms setup and much more!

And that brings us to the end of our onboarding walkthrough. We hope you’ve found it insightful, and have a better understanding of the processes we’ve built to support you through your implementation journey.

As part of our informal ‘Inside Nexudus’ series, we’ll continue to shine a light on the value Nexudus can bring to various teams within your organisation. Stay tuned for more blogs on customer success, support, API integrations and operational excellence.

At Nexudus, we’re passionately building technology that provides space owners and operators with fully customisable, easy-to-integrate digital solutions for their spaces, across coworking, commercial real estate, hospitality and beyond. Since 2012, our award-winning technology has helped workspace owners and operators in over 90 countries digitally transform their spaces, manage them more efficiently, provide exceptional customer experiences and gather advanced analytics for better decision-making.

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