10 Tips For Getting the Most Out Of Nexudus

10 Tips For Getting the Most Out Of Nexudus

Whether you're a Nexudus newbie and are looking for some ways to get started or you’ve been using Nexudus for a while and want to unlock its full potential - you’ve come to the right blog post. 

Now that you’ve defined your new or existing coworking software goals, it’s time to dive into the ways Nexudus can support them. 

We tapped into the knowledge of our Sales Enablement Manager, Leonardo Santoro, and our Head of Training & Implementation, Sam Richardson, to share their ultimate tips for how coworking operators can supercharge their Nexudus subscription. 

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1. Seamlessly integrate your existing software 

Nexudus isn’t an island - think of it as a co-pilot built to communicate with other systems! It integrates effortlessly with a range of existing software packages, be it payment systems or visitor management, enabling you to enhance workflows and processes without ditching the platforms you love. 

“Explore the various integrations supported by Nexudus: accounting software, CRM tools, access control systems, and more. These integrations enhance the functionality and flexibility of the platform,” suggests Leonardo. 

2. Document your processes 

Continuity is key! Documenting your processes in one easy-to-find place will help ensure continuity when employees leave and new ones join. 

“Staff turnover is inevitable,” says Sam, “so incorporating Nexudus in the way you document processes a no-brainer.”

 “For example, imagine onboarding a new Private Office Member. You’ll need to assign them a Contract in Nexudus, to ensure they are billed correctly, and maybe assign them a Salto access fob or set up a private VLAN for their team.” 

3. Use Task Lists 

Have you started using Task Lists? A Task List does what it says on the tin- it’s a collection of tasks to be completed. Task Lists can be a huge time-saver because they allow you to automate otherwise time-consuming manual processes.

 “Using the same example of a new starter, you could assign a Task List to automatically begin when a customer signs up to a Private Office Plan,” explains Sam. 

Task Lists are also useful for day-today- operations, especially when it comes to delegating. 

“As with above, these tasks could include providing Wi-Fi access or providing an access control fob. Each of these Tasks could then be assigned to a specific member of your team, so that everybody knows what they are responsible for, and by when based on the due date of the Task.” 

4. Master the art of billing 

According to implementation expert Sam: “The key to clean and consistent billing within Nexudus starts with understanding the dates within your Members’ Contracts, and ensuring that your plans are set up exactly how you’d like them to be”. 

Nexudus has plenty of helpful Knowledge Base articles on billing, like this handy article that Sam swears by! 

5. Command your data with Reporting and Analytics 

Leonardo explains how Nexudus provides “valuable insights through reporting and analytics.” Nexudus Explore is a in-built feature that allows you to create powerful reports to share with your team, managers and other stakeholders. 

If you aren’t already, why not start comparing your bookings data? You can analyse everything from bookings per day, week or month, to the revenue generated by different resources. “Coworking space administrators can use this data to make informed decisions, analyse occupancy rates, and identify opportunities for growth.” 

6. Fuel Community Spirit with Event Management 

Leonardo spills the beans on Nexudus’ community building expertise within its event management features. It’s easy to create, promote and manage events, all of which “contribute to fostering a sense of community within the coworking space.” 

Nexudus can be used to organise both in-person and virtual events. You can make them accessible to members, non-members or mix it up! And don’t forget, Nexudus can keep track of attendees, whether they check in with tablets via NexEvents, or using the Admin Panel. 

7. Establish Roles & Digital Security 

Two-factor authentication is like a fortress for your digital world, preventing sneaky phishing attackers and ensuring that your accounts stay locked up safely! “Security is key in protecting your Nexudus account, and we’ve got you covered with Roles and Two Factor Authentication! Our recent webinar covers this topic, it’s a great a guide on how to set up Roles and 2FA,” says Sam. 

Watch Sam’s action plan for securing your Nexudus account and utilising Nexudus’s tech safety features! 

8. Unlock Nexudus Award Winning Customer Support and Training 

If you’re unsure of how something works or have a question, Nexudus can help. Nexudus is armed with a wealth of customer support and training resources – including a knowledge base hub, webinars and a responsive customer success squad

If you need us - we’re here to help. As Leonardo wisely points out, tapping into these support resources will “ensure a smooth implementation and ongoing usage of the platform.” 

9. Stay In The Innovation Fast Lane 

For those craving the latest and greatest from Nexudus, keep an eye out for our latest features and developments. The best way to do this by signing up for our newsletter and keeping an eye on the Nexudus Blog, where we share all the hottest updates! 

Recently, we announced the launch of our OpenAI help desk integration, which harnesses AI to automate help desk operations, 24 hours a day. 

OpenAI integrates with your data set to provide instant personalised responses to a range of customer queries, reducing your team’s workload and enabling them to focus on other tasks, such as marketing or events. (To put it into perspective, OpenAI has the potential to reduce response times by up to 80% – and your customers will love you for it.)

Advanced AI algorithms deliver consistent and precise responses, reducing the risk of human error 

10. Book your free consultation with our Customer Success Team 

Advancements in AI have got absolutely nothing on human interaction! When it comes to Nexudus, our Customer Success team is just a click or a call away. 

“One of our dedicated Customer Success Managers (CSMs) would be delighted to host a free consultation with you, to unravel the full potential of your Nexudus account,” says Sam. “We’ll uncover hidden gems, explore optimisation opportunities and even discuss onboarding options.” 

Are you ready to make the most of your Nexudus experience? Just reach out to our Support team and let’s put you in touch with a CSM in your region. Your success story awaits!

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