Tomorrow’s Workplace, Today: Nexudus Unveils the AI Suite Reshaping Coworking Spaces

Tomorrow’s Workplace, Today: Nexudus Unveils the AI Suite Reshaping Coworking Spaces

In the dynamic landscape of coworking, we’ve always tried to stand as a beacon of innovation. For over 2 years, we’ve been developing AI projects to provide coworking spaces with tools that enable them to make informed decisions about their businesses. Let’s delve into actual coworking scenarios to see how these modules can make a difference in optimising the use of the space, maximising the use of resources, or helping to understand their communities' engagement.

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1. Project Demand Module:

Space Planning: Utilise our Resource Demand module and gain industry insights from Flexspaceobservatory, to predict meeting room usage for upcoming months. Compare usage and capacity to pinpoint optimal expansion points or meeting room allocation. 

Event Organisation: Though not an AI feature, it’s worth mentioning that many spaces use Nexudus for event management. Using the waiting list feature and tracking those events with high demand, spaces can narrow down their community’s interests and focus on growing those types of events. Don’t forget to use NexEvents, included in the Nexudus subscription, for seamless check-ins at the event itself. 

Resource AllocationHave you ever noticed that a particular meeting room is in high demand in your space, whereas others just never seem to get booked?  Spot trends and patterns easily by using the Resource Demand module. For example, if a meeting room with a capacity of 10 usually gets booked by only 3-4 people, you may want to consider dividing that meeting space into two smaller rooms. Don’t miss out on spotting and maximising these opportunities!

2. Dynamic Pricing Module:

Peak Hours: According to our Flexspace Observatory reports, bookings peak between 9 am-2 pm, depending on the coworking space context/size. You may want to consider combining the Resource Demand module with Dynamic pricing to automatically adjust your prices based on those peak hours - it only takes the click of a button!

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Source: Flexspace Observatory

Promotionals at your space: Have you heard about the TWT pattern? (That is the Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday pattern! With the rise of hybrid work, Mondays and Fridays are typically quieter in workplaces. You can use the Resource Demand combined with dynamic pressing to offer a discounted rate automatically on slower weekdays to incentivise the use of the space.

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Membership Tiers: Analysing the data, you can launch premium membership options with added perks, thus catering to a niche segment and diversifying your revenue streams.

3. Heatmaps:

Layout Optimisation: Heatmap insights can help with a layout reshuffle, for example, positioning high-demand phone booths in an area with a lot of circulation near windows, leaving space for communal areas centrally.

Maintenance Scheduling: By combining the use of sensors and floorplans, you can easily identify high-traffic zones for frequent maintenance, ensuring maximum cleanliness in your space.

Energy Efficiency: By monitoring less-frequented areas, you can optimise lighting and climate control, contributing to significant energy savings. 

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4. Members' Engagement:

Tailored Services: Identify growing interest in specific services or memberships you offer in your space. You can build additional services around members’ preferences or focus your communication efforts on promoting them.

Churn Reduction: Proactively engage with less-active members to learn more about why they are less engaged.  Develop strategies and services to address those challenges ahead of time, therefore, most importantly, preventing them from leaving the space. Bear in mind, though, that community building is not a one-off task but an ongoing process and being close to your members will help you on this journey.

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Feedback Loops: Using the module combined with Surveys to gather regular member feedback, you can continually evolve the offerings in your coworking space, ensuring you are always meeting your members' dynamic needs.

The potential use of these technologies for coworking and flex spaces is enormous, and we’ll see in the upcoming years more and more spaces adopting them, as well as new features coming to the Nexudus platform. We think that integrating these technologies is paramount for the coworking sector:

- Data-Driven Growth:  Coworking spaces equipped with AI tools can harness precise data to drive strategies. From optimising pricing models to predicting space utilisation trends, every decision becomes an informed one.

- Elevating Member Experiences: Understanding member behaviour and preferences through AI equips coworking managers with the insights to craft personalised experiences. This enhances retention and engagement and can be a strong differentiator in a competitive market. 

- Operational Brilliance: Efficient operations slash your overheads and improve profitability. With automation capabilities, repetitive tasks are minimised, and resources are deployed more efficiently.

- Future-Proofing the Business: The coworking industry faces new challenges and opportunities continually. AI-driven insights allow spaces to be proactive, adapting to shifts before they become trends, ensuring sustained relevance in the #futureofwork.

- Empowering Community Building: AI doesn’t just assist in space and price optimisation; it also enables deeper connections among members. Recognising patterns, sparking collaborations, and facilitating events that resonate with member interests— are all possible with Nexudus' suite.

Harnessing Nexudus' technologies, coworking spaces are positioned not merely as shared offices but as forward-thinking, community-centric hubs. As the coworking landscape continues to evolve, those spaces that embrace and integrate these advanced tools will undoubtedly lead the pack, pioneering the industry's future.

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