How to leverage the latest tech to level-up your coworking space

How to leverage the latest tech to level-up your coworking space

With so much else going on at the moment, making changes to the fabric of your coworking space might not be at the top of your “to-do” list. 

However, when it comes to introducing new technology, it’s not as difficult as you might think. Plus, your community managers and members will love you for it. 

Basecamp Coworking. Image by @Darryl Kelly via Unsplash.

Is your coworking space tech-enabled?

Why is technology so important in coworking?

By leveraging the latest technology, you can streamline manual tasks and enable your coworking space staff to focus on more interesting and value-added work. 

Technology can also help you keep members safe. 

Safe in terms of security - by allowing you to retain complete control over access to the building, and safe in terms of hygiene (see #2, below, for more info). 

Technology-enabled processes can also give you a competitive advantage. They can provide you with an edge and help you to differentiate your coworking proposition.

At a time when corporate organisations are jumping on the flexible working trend, this has never been more important. Many larger companies expect the level of service that only technology - paired with effective human input - can provide. 

Of course, technology isn’t just a deal-breaker for corporations. 

A frictionless member experience benefits busy freelancers, startups, and small businesses. 

Instead of chasing down a member of staff to book meeting rooms, they want to focus on what matters to them - keeping their clients happy and growing their business.

Take a look at how the latest coworking technology can enable you to level-up your space... 

1. Automate check-ins 

Technology: WiFi Based Check-in

Offering seamless access to coworking members is a must these days. 

WiFi-based check-in lets members enter and leave without having to engage in a manual process, and it prevents non-members from entering the premises.

Integrating your coworking space’s internet connection enables you to automate check-ins and check-outs. It also makes it easy to configure coworking plans with limited access, such as part-time or ad-hoc memberships. 

Automating check-ins also lets you gather useful data points on how members engage with your space. For example, you can work out when members typically start their working day or when your location is at its busiest, and adjust your services accordingly.

You can use WiFi-based check-in to send email notifications to members who are currently in the building (if a facility is out of order or you’ve decided to order pizza, for instance). Members also receive automatic notifications when their visitors arrive. 

2. Enable contactless interactions

Technology: Automation Tiles

Even though QR codes have been around for ages, they're still somewhat underutilised in coworking spaces. Nexudus Automation Tiles uses QR codes to enable members and visitors to unlock doors, book services, and check-in/out with ease. 

They’re small, simple, and can be placed almost anywhere in your premises - including outside on the roof terrace (if you have one). As well as the QR code printed on the exterior of the tile, there’s an NFC chip embedded inside it. 

NFC (Near Field Communication) technology allows users to make secure transactions, exchange digital content, and connect electronic devices with a touch. 

Automation Tiles can be used to…

  • Check-in/out of hotdesks, events, and meeting rooms

  • Mark a meeting room or another facility as “cleaned”

  • Instantly book a room or desk for a set amount of time

Nexudus Automation Tiles make everyone’s working lives easier.

3. Power autonomous purchases

Technology: NexKiosk

Although interpersonal interaction is part of what makes coworking such an attractive proposition, it isn’t always necessary. Especially at a time when everyone is doing their best to limit non-essential in-person contact. 

NexKiosk lets your members and visitors make purchases autonomously using an app, without staff having to intervene. 

As well as making members feel more respected and responsible, NexKiosk empowers you to reduce congestion in busy areas and reduce waiting times. All payments are logged by Nexudus, so you can see which products are selling well and what aren’t. 

Coffee in a café. Image by @krisatomic via Unsplash

 Members can use NexKiosk to make autonomous purchases in your cafe.

4. Streamline mail delivery

Technology: NexDelivery 

With more of us shopping online than ever before, you’re probably experiencing an increase in deliveries for members at the moment. We know that deliveries can be disruptive to a coworking operator’s workflow, even in “normal” times.

You’ve got mail!

NexDelivery is a tech-enabled coworking solution that simplifies the process of notifying members of a delivery.

Instead of emailing the member or delivering the item to their desk, all you need to do is scan the delivery label and they’re automatically sent a notification telling them that their item or correspondence has arrived and is waiting for them at reception. 

So, instead of wasting time and energy tracking down members, you and your team can focus on more pressing tasks or creative work.

5. Understand your performance metrics 

Technology: Nexudus Explore (analytics)

Having access to data makes it easier for you to identify your space’s strengths and weaknesses. Data allows you to forecast more accurately and make informed decisions.

But all this takes a lot of time, right? 

Not if you’re leveraging the latest tech. 

If you’re still manually aggregating data and building out reports using spreadsheets you need to know that there’s a more efficient way of doing things - it’s called Nexudus Explore.

Nexudus Explore is a reporting tool that displays all your data relating to bookings, billings, CRM, memberships, access, help-desk, churn, surveys and more in an easy-to-digest way. 

You can quickly and easily create reports to be used in strategy meetings, set goals and track how well you’re meeting your sales and retention targets. 

Identify recurring trends and make insightful decisions based on your findings.

What’s next for coworking technology?

At Nexudus, we’re always working to improve our existing tech solutions and create new ones to meet the evolving needs of operators and their members. 

The best way to keep up-to-date with the latest coworking tech features and trends is to subscribe to the Nexudus newsletter. 

To learn more about how Nexudus can help your coworking space attract and retain members in a post-pandemic landscape, book a demo today

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