10 Coworking Tools That Will Help You Run Your Space

10 Coworking Tools That Will Help You Run Your Space

Technology is a coworking operator's best friend, its most valuable asset—its not-so-secret sauce. It has the power to streamline arduous processes that take up valuable time and is critical for keeping communities engaged in challenging times. 

It also makes our bricks and mortar spaces safer. At a time when physical contact is limited, contactless check-in and access have never been more useful or important.

That said, the sheer number of tech tools we use—however useful they may be—have the potential to overwhelm us. If we’re not careful, they can actually add to our daily workload. That’s where Nexudus’ integrations for coworking come in. 

Nexudus acts as a go-between for all your apps. It integrates with payment providers, access control systems, accounting software and many, many more. Instead of having dozens of disparate systems in different places, Nexudus conveniently centralises them.

Read on to find out about 10 tools and integrations for coworking that we think are essential when it comes to running a space effectively.

1. Access control systems

Access control systems couldn’t be more important to your coworking space; they give you autonomous control over who’s granted access when, and where. Nexudus integrates with many major access control systems such as SALTO KS, DoorFlow, Kisi, and Brivo, with both management and pairing of external access control systems found within the Nexudus.

A key feature on Nexudus is providing automatic control of when members can access the building, or when they can access a room.  For example, if a member books a meeting room through Nexudus, our coworking management platform will ensure the member gets access to the door for the time of their booking; depending on the access control system used, members can then open the door with a PIN code, a physical tag, or even using the Passport by Nexudus app for their Smartphone (1). You can also assign different access times to different membership types; for instance, you may decide to grant members with a full-time membership 24/7 access, and members with a part-time membership limited access, such as between the times of 9 until 5. By unifying all access details under one platform, you’ll simplify the ease of access for your members and significantly enhance the security of your space.

1. Currently only Brivo and Salto KS are supported.  Bluetooth-enabled Smartphone required.

2. Payment providers

Payment providers like Stripe, GoCardless, PayPal, Square and Authorize.net enable coworking spaces to process customers’ card payments and “ACH” (bank account transactions) with ease. ACH transactions allow users to keep track of payments and they are usually inexpensive compared to payments with credit cards, making them popular amongst operators and business administrators.

Check out Nexudus’ payment gateway integrations.

3. Video conferencing and meeting scheduling

Where would any of us be without the likes of Zoom, Google Cal, Jitsi, LiquidSpace and the rest? In December 2019 Zoom had around 10 million daily meeting participants. In April 2020 (the height of the pandemic in many countries), this soared to over 300 million

Integrating with video conferencing platforms will allow you to deliver a seamless service to customers by enabling them to connect remotely with their clients and colleagues and time, any place. When it comes to workspace utilisation, Covid-19 is posing many challenges: most users and members have had to adapt their working patterns and work remotely.

To support the ‘new normal’ and the hybrid approach to accessing workspaces, video conferencing systems like Zoom and Jitsi have become popular tools amongst all of us. Being able to join your colleagues in a meeting, have ‘Always-On’ virtual rooms that you can access for work advice, meetings or just for company, will ensure your community can continue to strengthen their links, communicate and thrive in your workspace. 

4. WiFi Network / Check-in

Connectivity is king in the coworking space industry. WiFi network and check-in services like IronWifi let your members and guests “check-in” at spaces whenever they log in. Integration with Nexudus means details of check-ins are recorded automatically, making it easy for you to keep track of capacity and who’s in or out of the building. 

A high-speed internet connection and accessible WiFi network is a non-negotiable for any coworking space these days, however it's just as important to safeguard the security of your members’ and users’ data. The WiFi platforms we integrate with are safe and secure and can only be accessed with a unique password. 

Nexudus also integrates with Cisco Meraki, Mikrotik and Radius, as well as our own solution, Nexudus Connect, which is powered by network management service Isofy. 

5. Reporting and Big Data

When it comes to growing your coworking business, data is incredibly valuable. But it quite literally means nothing if you don’t have access to a tool that can capture and display it in a useful way. By integrating with Google BigQuery and Google Data Studio, you can import your Nexudus data in real-time to Google and run reports (or query your own data).

Reporting helps you to take a more strategic approach to sales and member retention by giving you an insight into anything, from how long someone takes to sign up for a membership after an initial enquiry to how long a business stays with you on average. 

As well as integrating with Google’s reporting solutions, Nexudus has its own: Nexudus Explore. This feature allows you to analyse stats and gain useful insights into your coworking business. Built-in reports are easy to navigate and empower you to understand your members and users, particularly when it comes to how they interact with your space.

6. Visitor Management

Gone are the days of keeping numerous visitor spreadsheets updated, only to find that someone accidentally deletes them down the line. Having a reliable visitor management system is more critical than ever because of Covid-19 track and trace requirements. 

Visitor registration systems like Envoy make guest registration quick, easy and GDPR-compliant. If you’d rather leverage your Nexudus subscription, NexIO lets you register visitors and guests and you can also use it to promote events within your space.

7. Community

Nothing beats face-to-face interaction when it comes to building a coworking community, but tech tools can certainly help (especially during a pandemic). Nexudus integrates with a variety of community tools out there, and each offers something a little different. 

Included.co lets you promote benefits and deals in the Members Area, unlocking new revenue streams for your space. Bisner makes interacting with your members in the virtual space easy and Recomazing provides members with business growth recommendations. 

8. Automation

One thing coworking managers don’t have a lot of is time, which is why automation tools like Zapier are so valuable. By integrating with Nexudus, Zapier connects the apps you use on a regular basis to automate simple yet time-consuming admin tasks. This allows you to focus your time and energy on attracting new members and keeping your community engaged. 

You can set 140+ triggers, actions and search steps in Zapier. You don’t need coding experience and you can start a workflow in a matter of minutes. 

9. On-site card payments

Many coworking operators run on-site cafes and shops these days, which is where on-site card payment processors like Square Point of Sale come in handy. Tools such as NexKiosk give your members and users the freedom to make contactless payments with or without the assistance of a coworking space operator on-site, enabling your space to be used autonomously. 

To make things even easier, individuals can have their payment charge added to their next invoice. When you integrate Square Point of Sale with Nexudus you can accept a variety of payment options, including chip and PIN cards, contactless and digital wallets at one low rate, with no hidden fees. Operators currently pay 1.75% per insert, tap or swipe for all card brands.

10. Printing management systems

When you move your space’s printing service to the cloud, you no longer have to worry about the logistical mess of keeping track of drivers, operating systems and end devices. 

Your members can send something to print from any device (including mobile), and you centrally manage the process. Papercut is another of our printing management system integrations; it works with Windows, Mac, Linux and Novell.

As well as numerous integrations for coworking, Nexudus also has its own external API. So if you’d prefer to control some of Nexudus’ processes yourself (such as creating Nexudus users based on users on your own system), you can do so—easily! To learn more about how our integrations can expand your workspace’s possibilities, request a demo.

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