Introducing: LATAM Coworking Summit 2019

Introducing: LATAM Coworking Summit 2019

Latin America is becoming a popular destination for digital nomads and remote workers who are looking to work somewhere beautiful and adventurous, with fast WiFI and  affordable living costs. This includes Medellin, Buenos Aires and Mexico City, which are some of the top digital nomad destinations in the world. Consequently, the number of coworking spaces in LATAM are rising, especially in the capitals. But there is also a growing interest from locals. Freelancers, start-ups, and also established businesses and large corporations are being drawn to the benefits of coworking, which include community, collaboration and creativity.

In order to spread awareness, and ensure a thriving future for coworking in Latin America (not just in big cities), the first coworking summit for the Latin American market has been launched. LATAM Coworking Summit will take place in the vibrant and exciting Mexico City, 13-15th March 2019.

How important is coworking for mobility and the economic growth of cities? Operators, investors, tech teams, innovation hubs from all over Latin America will come together to discuss the best practices and challenges of coworking, as well as its impact on the region. This is your chance to share inspiring stories and ideas, to network, and to learn from leaders in the industry, in order to thrive.

The summit has been organised by COLATAM, a network of coworking spaces in Latin America.

What to expect at LATAM Coworking Summit 2019

Over the three days, there will be workshops, presentations and discussions.

Presentations will include topics such as:

  • Coworking in Latin America: Is there really a way to do coworking? 
  • How do we add value to our coworker community?

Workshops will include:

  • Events and community generation - Identify promotional strategies to expand your network of partners and collaborators.
  • The profile of a "manager" of coworking spaces - Recognize what skills and abilities are needed to manage a coworking successfully.

So if want to strengthen your network and gain more knowledge about coworking in Latin America, this summit is a perfect opportunity. You can make new friends, be part of a growing community and create value beyond borders!

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