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Internet management designed for Flexible Workspaces

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Nexudus with twiindata from technologywithin allows you to manage your internet and WiFi service infrastructure from Nexudus, to offer seamless internet performance and WiFi connection for your clients.

Manage your WiFi account set up with ease
Create WiFi accounts for teams, contracts and passes.

Control your internet access security
Create and revoke user access with ease.

Plus, a host of other tools to manage every aspect of internet connectivity within your space, all controlled from our simple web portal and supported by our team.

About technologywithin

We are in the business of IT-enabling flexible and coworking spaces with managed WiFi and superfast internet. twiindata is the industry leading internet bandwidth management product, trusted in over 350 locations in the UK, offering a fully featured service:

  • Ensure secure, seamless WiFi across your space – With our WiFi survey and network design.
  • Create revenue generation opportunities - Divide your internet bandwidth to create shared and dedicated internet bandwidth offerings.
  • Meet clients changing bandwidth needs - Instantly upgrade and downgrade dedicated bandwidth as clients’ needs change.
  • Save your team time – with our central billing and customer support.
  • Leave the tech to us - 24/7 internet performance monitoring and management

All from just one box in your comms room.

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    Integrating twiindata from technologywithin with Nexudus offers seamless WiFi connection for your clients. But that’s just the start. This fully featured internet bandwidth management service allows your team to do everything that flexible workspace operators need, from creating dedicated bandwidth to IP addresses for clients.

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