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Simplify your operations and secure your space with the integration between Nexudus and Salto KS.

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The integration between Salto KS and Nexudus allows your customers to access your space and unlock doors autonomously using access cards, key fobs or their phones.

Access provisions will automatically be assigned when customers sign up to a contract or make a booking. Salto KS will also allow you to view how your customers are using your space, helping you to build your community.

Allow your members to access your space autonomously
Customers can access your space contactlessly using smartphones running Passport by Nexudus.

Get 24/7 insights into how your space is accessed
Using Salto KS' activity data will help you understand the behaviour of your users.

Automate the process of assigning access provisions
Access provisions are automatically assigned to users whenever they purchase a pass, resource, desk or office.

Nexudus and Salto KS app screenshots

About Salto KS

Salto KS provides a cloud-based access management solution for your coworking space. It provides seamless access to every door in your space.

  • Manage all your locations from anywhere using the Salto KS app.
  • Can be managed from any device, be it a phone, tablet, PC, or Mac.
  • Save time by automating day-to-day processes.

Get started

If you have any questions regarding the integration between Nexudus and Salto KS, take a look at Salto KS' dedicated article in our knowledge base or contact our support team with any questions you may have about setting up the integration.

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