Secure and reliable touchless access control

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Simplify the way you manage your buildings and workspaces through automation. The integration between Openpath and Nexudus will tighten security procedures and enhance your tenant experience with a cloud-based, mobile access control system.

Real-time reporting
Get instant activity alerts, tracking, and visual monitoring on your smartphone or computer when tenants enter and exit your workspace.

Eliminate onsite staff
Grant your customers access to additional spaces and secure buildings anytime, anywhere with remote unlocking capabilities.

Visitor Pass
Allow visitors to enter using their smartphones by sending a temporary digital Guest Pass via text or email with the Openpath app.

Openpath and nexudus integration

About Openpath

Openpath’s cloud-based and mobile access control is built on an open ecosystem for seamless integration, plus smart video and intercom capabilities to enhance safety and security at every level.

  • Patented Triple Unlock technology ensures fast, reliable entry
  • Support for multiple secure access methods including touchless entry
  • Optimized mobile experience with digital badges, guest passes, and two-way intercom
  • Secure cloud-based software with fully remote management and automatic system updates

Get Started

If you have any questions regarding the integration between Nexudus and Openpath, contact our support team with any questions you may have about setting up the integration.

  • About

    Improve the way tenants access your building and coworking space with mobile credentials, contactless entry, and remote unlocking features. Users can manage access provisions and mobile credentials based on membership plans, contracts, and booking schedules simply by enabling Openpath’s integration with Nexudus.

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