• "Coworking is about building a community that values innovation, cross-pollination and friendship"

    Eric Asare is the Managing Director at The Studio and he is going to tell us a bit about this space and its community, and how he manages it!

  • “Everything within the space speaks about transparency, accountability and collaboration”

    “Everything within the space speaks about transparency, accountability and collaboration”

    We are excited to present some of the coworking spaces that Nexudus is proud to work with! We have teamed up with Cumulo Media to showcase how each of these spaces provide something unique and special for their beloved community. Let’s get started with the first one - Impact Hub King’s Cross!

  • "I believe the coworking movement is about accepting direct responsibility for the growth of all members in our coworking space and community" Interview with N.Orea

    Nataniel Orea: I'm a digital nomad, business owner and a hardened idealist. I studied business development and over my 28 years I have been almost everything: a labourer, waiter, personal assistant and, last but not least, an entrepreneur (that last one is my favourite). At the moment, I am working on the Mexican coworking association and planning on growing our NEST coworking spaces, together with my two partners.

  • "Coworking is sharing the way you see the world" Interview with Matías Vázquez

    Matias Sebastián Vázquez is half Brazilian, half Argentinian, and loves football and his Corinthians. He's married with two children and defines himself as a frustrated media consultant and a connector. He founded MSV Assessoria, [Sharing E.C.](http://sharingec.com.br/ "Sharing EC"), Coworking na Garagem, Coworking Day Brasil, [COLATAM](http://colatam.com/ "COLATAM"), and is currently in the process of opening a second space in a 10-storey building that will accommodate 1,100 coworkers.

  • Kumpul Coworking Space: Entrepreneurship & Community Development

    Kumpul Coworking Space: Entrepreneurship & Community Development

    A coworking space is not like a quick fix that instantly brings value. It takes time to build relationships and a space need to be around long enough for the members to gain trust and feel comfortable in investing their time and energy to start sharing with the other members of the community. It is not until you reach that point that the coworking space is really providing value to its members.

  • Coworking life: Interview with Kim Causier (Becoming Sevillana)

    Coworking life: Interview with Kim Causier (Becoming Sevillana)

    Kim is a translator from a sleepy town in the heart of England. She travelled to Seville initially to do a three-month stint in an agency. Despite the hellish job, she fell in love with her surroundings, started her blog, [Becoming Sevillana](http://becomingsevillana.blogspot.com/ "") and decided to stay. She has been a coworker and Space Manager in Andalusia’s first coworking space, [workINcompany](http://workincompany.com/ ""), for 3 years.

  • "We really wanted to create Sende surrounded by nature, flowers and lots of birds"

    María and Edo are travelling entrepreneurs and co-founders of Sende. María is from the social education sector and used to organise youth camps. She also worked tirelessly to help children from underprivileged backgrounds get access to the education they need to thrive in the working world. Edo is a serial entrepreneur and world traveller. He too worked in education and always needs to keep in touch with creative communities while building new projects.