coworktech by techsapiens

coworktech by techsapiens

Complete IT services for coworking spaces

We live and breathe coworking. Over the last five years, we have worked with coworking spaces around UK and internationally. We’ve worked with a wide variety of hardware, software, systems, services and vendors - whether it’s Nexudus consulting, website and app customisation, WiFi, print management, access control, Point of Sale or the latest meeting room or project war room tech, we’ve done it all.

We provide an end-to-end service which means we can advise on, have visibility of and manage and support every aspect of the coworking technology ecosystem, from a member’s mobile device all the way to the internet including the hardware, software and cloud services in between.

Unlike other coworking focused service providers, we are vendor & platform agnostic. We choose vendors and platforms to suit the client and the project rather than pushing our own products or services. What’s more, we actively help develop the ecosystem by working with vendors and platforms to build integrations and building them ourselves as needed.

We’re based in London and work with spaces all over the world. We can work with you in person, on the phone, via email and online via remote access.

We’re a young, ambitious business with an established track record and understand what other ambitious and independent businesses want and need. We give you advice that’s personalised to you and your specific needs.

As a service provider, we run 24x7 monitoring and management systems to ensure that most issues are spotted long before they become a problem.

If these are things you value, then rest assured that no other provider can match what we offer.

To find out more about the services we provide and how we work, visit our coworking microsite at

  • We had constant IT issues until the techsapiens coworktech team took over. They worked quickly and efficiently to make changes, re-using most of our existing equipment and our network has now been running perfectly since they took over. They are proactive, energetic and perfectly organised, I would recommend them without hesitation.
    Eric Asare, The Studio Workspace
  • CoworkTech have supplied our co working space with years of expert knowledge to enhance our member experience through the implementation of hardware and software solutions. Their reliability and knowledge of the sector have been a huge asset to our company.
    Richard Doring, Impact Hub King’s Cross
  • The most important thing for a co-working space is internet connectivity and thanks to TechSapiens we’ve been able to provide a secure, high-speed connection since the day we opened. From the moment they installed the equipment to their constant monitoring their service has been second to none. The best decision we’ve made
    Keith Green, Build Studios
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