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More than 500 active members? congratulations! Please get in touch
  • Free up to 5 active members

  • You can cancel anytime

  • No credit card needed

  • Automagic Payments

    Generate invoices, notify members and even let them pay online. We support 60+ payment providers, such as PayPal, Stripe or Authorize.NET.

  • Bookings, Events, Ticketing, snacks!

    Let your members book online using the booking calendar or the mobile APP. No more emails asking if a room is available.Celebrate events and sell tickets online.

  • Check-in and access control

    Know when and for how long members are in the space. Integrate with door access control systems to grant them access to your space.

  • WiFi and Network infrastructure

    We partner with great companies to offer you a end-to-end solution on WiFi and Network infrastructure.

  • CRM, onboarding, helpdesk and community

    Being close to your community is crucial to the success of your coworking space. Channel all the comunication on a sigle panel with the CRM module.

  • Mobile and tablet Apps, space website and REST API

    Let your members book using Passport by Nexudus. Welcome visitors with NexIO and display meeting room availability with NexBoard.

  • Printing management

    We know how difficult it is to handle printing in coworking spaces. Our integration with printing management providers will make your life easier.

  • REAL White label

    Right from the start, your account comes with a fully functional white-label member's portal. Add your own text and images or any other content.

  • What is an active member?

    Active members are those paying for a regular product or service, those who are part of a team signed up to a price plan or regular payment contract and who have been invoiced or made a booking in the last 30 days. Anyone else will be regarded as a drop-by person and won't be billed for.

  • Is there any extra cost on top of my Nexudus subscription?

    Your Nexudus account is fully functional from the very first day you open it. Some external services that you can add to your account, such as payments gateways, e-signature or any customisation of the website or mobile app are subject to a fee which we will make you aware of.

  • Do you support multiple locations? How much would I pay?

    Definitely! Nexudus was designed from scratch to help your coworking space grow into multiple locations. You can manage them all on a single Admin panel. Each location will pay based on the number of active members.  

  • Can I cancel my account anytime?

    Absolutely! If you feel that Nexudus is not working out for you, please email us and we will cancel your account right away.

  • How do I pay my Nexudus subscription?

    You can pay by credit or debit card. If you are based in the UK, you can also set up a Direct Debit to process your invoices.

Say hello to Nexudus. We will setup your account and will import all your existing members, rooms and prices and data.