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Nexudus Passport Network

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What is the Nexudus Passport Network?

The Passport

Nexudus Passport is just a code which lets users identify themselves when using any of the spaces in the Nexudus Passport Network. Members will also get a card, which makes it even easier to get registered and start using the services of any of the locations in the network.

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Another card?

The Nexudus Passport card is different. We don't own the member data, the different locations members are registered with do. Members can choose which information they provide to each of location they register with, to their communities and the team managing the space.

It makes it lighting fast for members to register with a new space, because Passport carries all the data members can provide to each new space they use. So, if in a new city, they just need to touch in or type the Passport number and they are on their way!

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A real ecosystem

Franchises are great! Sometimes. But it is also great if you could access a variety of spaces, with different atmospheres and communities. The Passport Network lets you do exactly that.

As part of the network you will find amazing franchises and sub-networks, a set of spaces which operate under the same name, but Passport is not limited to use just those.

Every space in the network uses very similar tools, to register new members, request bookings and reservations and join the community. Thanks to this ecosystem, members will feel right at home when working in any of the locations in the Network.

Get your Nexudus Passport for Free!

For Individuals, Coworkers and Members

It is free!

No subscriptions, commitments or monthly fees. Joining the Passport Network is free, all you need is to be registered with at least one space in the Network.

Get your Nexudus Passport for Free!

Join any community in the network in seconds

With Nexudus Passport you are a click away from joining and using the services from thousands of workspaces around the world.

Quickly join any of these communities and easily connect with their members. Your details and professional profile are part of your passport so you will be able to share this instantly with the community of each space.

Get your Nexudus Passport for Free!

For each location, you choose what to share with the community and the management team

Your Nexudus Passport carries all your information and your professional profile details. When joining a new space, you can just make all this information available to your new space or provide different details for each space.

At all times, you can change the information you make available to the community of a location as well as your billing and personal details for that space.

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Different communities and services; a shared ecosystem

We all know the biggest workspace networks, but wouldn’t it be nice to be able to enjoy the same freedom to move around and use the services of these networks but at the same time have access to a range of very different spaces and environments?

Nexudus provides a range of tools to all locations part of the Passport Network, which makes it easier than ever to access their services and know and join their communities. Not matter where you work or which communities you are part of, the same online tools will be present across all the network. You will feel right at home no matter where you work.

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An access card to rule them all

Carry your Nexudus Passport in your wallet and make use of any of the workspaces offering hot-desk by the hour. Simply touch in when arriving and touch out when leaving. Your Nexudus Passport can be linked to your credit card so you can pay for your stay easily, no cash, and no hassles.

Get your Nexudus Passport for Free!

For Spaces

It is free!

We will not charge you a % of your revenue. Instead, we’ll offer you the best management platform for coworking and shared workspaces. A platform used by every member of the Passport Network and which will make your life and those of your coworkers much easier when using the space and any of your services.

A common platform means that every member using Nexudus Passport who comes to your space already knows how to make a booking, print, pay for services and engage with your community.

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Streamline new member registration

Nexudus Passport allows members to quickly provide you will all their personal information, payment details and profile information in one click. Nexudus Passport securely stores all this information and lets members share it with one or more locations.

This means less time typing details in and a much better experience for new members. Members need to enter payment details only once, even if these are used across different locations and over different payment providers.

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Cashless transactions

If a member has already entered credit card information anywhere in the Passport Network, you will receive payment automatically when the member checks out, directly to your bank account, we don´t touch that revenue.

Unlike many other providers, we won’t force you to use a particular payment provider. We have made a deal with more than 70 payment providers world-wide and they all are fully integrated with the Passport Network. Payment information is linked to each Nexudus Passport and can be used with any of these providers, even if different spaces use different providers.

Payments go directly to your bank account, always.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Easy! Look for the "Sign up with Nexudus Passport" button in the login page. Click on it and enter your email and passport number. Then choose which data to provide to the space.

Easy! From any page in the administration panel, click on the Passport icon on the top right-hand side of the screen. Then enter the passport number and click on "Invite to Sign up". This will send a message to the new member so they can make all their details available to you. Once the request is approved you will see a new contact in your Nexudus account.

The short answer is yes. But you (and your members) probably want to use Nexudus Spaces. Nexudus Spaces offers a range of tools which will make much easier managing your space and its community. Find out more here.
Absolutely not! As a heterogeneous network, we are very aware different spaces seek different profiles or they may have specific rules for new members. Passport will respect all these rules. If you are currently using Nexudus Spaces, nothing will change in the process you have implemented when new members approach your space. If you don’t accept online signups, Nexudus Passport will not be available in your members’ portal, but you can still take advantage of it when signing members up from the back-end.
The Nexudus Passport Network is not a workspace directory. We are confident you will be able to locate the one you love to work in and any others you need to use in your travels. It is likely you have already been in one or more spaces in the network. Our aim is to make it as simple as possible to use as many locations as we can.
Yes, in order to get your Nexudus Passport you will need to be registered, at least, with one location.
Head to and type the email and password you use to log in any of the spaces in the Network. Alternatively, click on the “Sign in with Nexudus Passport” and then click on “I don’t have a Nexudus Passport” and follow the instructions.
Locations are required to use Nexudus Spaces as their management tool. If you don’t know Nexudus Spaces have a look at our website. If you are interested, you can open an account online, or get in touch so we can help you to get one.
Getting a Nexudus Passport is free. You will then have to pay each location you use, but that is all between you and that location. We just want to make it as simple as possible for you to sign up.
If you have already a Nexudus Spaces account, nothing! If you don’t, you will need a Nexudus Spaces account to manage your space. Nexudus Spaces is incredibly good value for what you get. Once you have an account, you can join Passport for free.
Of course!, we just ask you to let us know about your old card at so we can cancel it and make sure no one else can use it.
Your profile is attached to your passport. Every time you sign up to a space, you can choose which information you want to provide to that new location. Because all locations use Nexudus Spaces as their membership software, you manage your profile in the same way in all of them.
For each location you use, you will be able to choose who can see your profile and even the contents of that profile. Use the “My Account” menu and click on “My Profile”. The checkbox “Publish my profile” controls if you profile is published on the members directory.