• Invoice and take payments automatically

    Chasing down members to pay or renew their memberships can be time-consuming.

    You can automate renewal reminders and invoices, and keep payment details on record to collect payments automatically every time a new invoice is created. Each membership can have its own price and renewal interval in weeks, months or years..

  • Online payments, integrated with +100 payment providers.

    We support over 100 different payment providers, such as PayPal, Stripe or Authorize.NET. If you operate in the UK, Europe, Australia or the US, you can also automate the setup of a Direct Debit and ACH payments for your members to save on credit card transactions fees.

Bookings and Events

  • Manage meeting rooms

    Allow members to book resources and check availability online. A flexible pricing system allows to charge rooms based on their type, time and length of the booking and the membership of the person requesting the booking.

    The booking calendar along with the usage reports in Nexudus, will help to you make the most of your resources. Your members will be able to request bookings using our built-in calendar, the NexBoard App the Passport App by Nexudus.

  • Create events and sell tickets

    Publish and sell tickets for events, talks, seminars, courses and yoga sessions! Nexudus allows you to create different types of tickets and discount codes so that you can offer special conditions to your members!

    Use the different reports available to get the full details about sales and attendees.

  • Synchronize with GCalendar (2-ways)

    You can use our built-in calendar or link your own Google Calendar account to manage bookings directly from it. Check your integrations section to find out more details.

Onboarding members

  • Customizable signup form

    Create a web form to collect all the required information for new members and store this data directly in your member database.

    Members can choose their membership during the signup process, buy add-ons to the base membership and even pay and securly store their card or bank details. All in a easy to follow signup process.

  • Proposals, Contracts and eSignature

    Issue proposals and let prospects review and accept them online. Automate contract generation a signature.

    Create complex proposals with automatic upgrades/downgrades or even scheduled step-up pricing. Upload and keep any documents on file. Make them available for members to download and easily request them to sign these online.

  • Members, Contacts and Teams single database

    Keep all your contact and member information in a single place and share it across your team easily.

    Your database is securely stored and easily accessible via your browser. You can add any number of custom fields, implement lead workflows and easily search your entire database.


  • Tour and Visitors management

    Keep track of who is visiting members and accessing your space as a guest. Let people request a Tour online using a simple form.

    Members can easily manage their own list of visitors. Connect reservations with visitors to get a list of who is coming into the space as a guest.

    Visitors are automatically notified by email with instructions about how to get to the venue, access the building or use the Wi-Fi. Members are notified when the visitors check in at the front-desk.

  • CRM boards - you can follow up leads

    Create pipelines to keep track of processes like sales, event management or on-boarding of new members using a simple and visual drag&drop interface.

    Each stage in the pipeline can trigger automatic messages or assign tasks to your staff as different opportunities are added.

    Automatically add opportunities to different stages of your pipeline as they complete tours, make bookings or sign up online.

  • Email monitoring

    Connect your email account and let Nexudus attach each email from or to a member to its record in the system.

    Gone are those days browsing your inbox trying to find that email from months ago! Each email is now arranged inside each member record.

    Send messages directly from your Nexudus admin panel but have them delivered using your regular email account.

  • Newsletters

    Keep your members/subscribers update with the newsletter module. You can create different groups to send them specific content.

    If you are using Mailchimp as email marketing platform, please check out our integrations section to know more about how you can connect it with your Nexudus account.

Check-in and Access control

  • WiFi and Network check-in

    By integrating your network with Nexudus, you can automatically check members in and out and also control Internet access.

    Members only have to enter their login details once per device, after that, Nexudus remembers each of them and checks them in automatically.

    You can also issue access codes to quickly let drop-in users access your network or group members into teams sharing a limited time in the space.

  • Integration with access control systems

    Nexudus integrates with different access control providers, that let space's members enter your coworking space using their smartphone, pin code, fingerprint, etc.

    You can define different access level to each of the memberships in your space. Linked to reports, when you integrate door access control in your space, you'll have a much better idea of who is coming and going and when.

Mobile and tablet Apps

  • Mobile and tablets app both available Android and iOS

    Let members book meeting rooms in seconds, update their details and pay directly from their phones.

    The companion native app lets members easily access their accounts and use the services in your space. Please see more details about all the Apps available here

  • Scan and optically recognise (OCR) delivery labels

    The NexDelivery companion app lets you quickly scan and process hundreds of delivery labels and upload those to member accounts.

    Let members see and manage their own deliveries right from your members portal.

White-label member's portal

  • Your own white-label website

    Right from the start, your account comes with a fully functional website. Add your own text and images or any other content. You can even use your own domain name.

    The code behind this website was open sourced from day one and you will have access to it so you can make your site truely yours.

  • Members directory

    Create a searchable directory for members to publish their professional profile.

    Let members find and know about the rest of the community. By making the member directory public, members can let the general public know about their professional profile and services.

    The directory search feature allows to easily filter the listing by any content in the profile of a member as well as any of the selected skill tags.

  • Community Board

    Keep members up to date without flooding their inbox.

    The community board allows members to start discussion threads or participate in existing threads from within your website.

    An opt-in system makes sure members only get notified about those threads they are interested in. Members can follow, like or mute individual threads, making sure they stay subscribed to the board even if they are not interested in a particular topic.

    You can also create discussion groups to keep the board organized and private messages for internal discussions.

  • Helpdesk

    Make it easier than ever to report problems in your space and solve them quickly and efficiently. Keep members up to date with the resolution of each issue.

    Create different support departments to notify and set tasks for the relevant staff depending the type of issue being reported.

  • My Account

    Members have a private section where they can update their profile and see their price plans and allowances, download invoices, request bookings, add visitors or purchase additional products.


  • +100 reports

    Get real-time reporting about payments, invoicing, space usage, bookings, members profiles and activity or any other area of operation. All reports can be exported to PDF or Excel.

Looking for additional services?

Third-party integrations

Our platform plays nice with others -- plugging easily into some of the most popular payment providers, access control, accounting and printing management systems and billing applications out there.
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