It's time to visit another coworking space that Nexudus is proud to work with! This next inspiring space is home to some of the world’s most ambitious entrepreneurs tackling some of the biggest challenges of our time.

Level39 is a coworking space supporting and dedicated to fast-growth tech companies. It is located in the heart of Canary Wharf, which is one of the leading financial centres in the world, and since launching in 2013, the space has grown into a 80,000 sq. ft. space occupying the 39th, 24th and 42nd floors of the iconic One Canada Square. 

Video of Level39 space and team 

Level 39 is a technology accelerator for finance, retail, cyber-security and future cities technology companies. The space thrives on diversity and is proud to have over 48 different nationalities and more than 200 businesses competing, collaborating and sharing tech insights with each other. The dedicated team help these businesses achieve scale through expert mentors, campaigns, events and best-in-class facilities.

Level39 informal area

The Level39 team are very passionate about their coworking space and giving their ambitious members the best opportunities to grow. As shown in the video above, let’s see what the team have to say about their space, community and how they help the businesses grow:

What kind of people and companies make up your community?

“We have 48 different nationalities here and more than 200 companies and the people who come to Level39 are really diverse in almost every respect except one - their common characteristic is ambition and this is a place where if you want to tackle big global issues, financial services, technology change, this is the best place to do it.” Ben Brabyn, Head of Level39

Having a diverse community is very important as these companies can help each other to address today's challenges in order to meet tomorrow's needs. Different viewpoints and ideas from various backgrounds and cultures, being exposed to different perspectives and schools of thought, brings more ideas to the table, i.e. a range of nationalities gives you access to a greater range of talent.

How do you shape your community?

The talent and the people based here are the lifeblood of what Level39 is. They are the soul-driving force behind these great businesses. What we do, Level39, is we help them grow with space, with support, with networking and above all else developing a strong community to tackle those big problems.” Asif Faruque, Head of Content

Whether you are a startup, scaleup or global enterprise, Level39 supports you through every stage of growth. In order to build a thriving and successful network of people, you need to inspire, motivate and nurture the community.

Level 39 is a "space that provides freedom to exchange ideas, experiences, and commercial opportunities, which drives the success of Level39's community” says Ben Brabyn, Head of Level39.

Level39 workspace

How does the design of your space impact what you do at Level39?

“When we first developed the space we asked the designers to build us something that is halfway between something very corporate, and halfway between something very startup.” Asif Faruque, Head of Content

“The visuals and aesthetics of the space is to encourage network and collaboration. Every facet of Level39 in its communal space has been designed to increase these collision points. You don’t know who you are going to meet, it could be your next customer, your next supplier, your next business partner and that’s the environment around here." Adam Luk, Head of Finance

Soulful Creative used a “unique mix of art and graphics to inspire and energise” the businesses, and to encourage networking and collaboration. The vibrant space also “conveys Level39’s business ethos and philosophy of leading a new wave of global innovation, collaboration and nurturing business growth.”

Innovative design in shared workspaces can be imperative to its success. One of the key benefits of working in coworking spaces, is its networking and collaboration opportunities. If you can design your space in a way that encourages new relationships it can be a hugely beneficial for your coworking community. Sharing a table at the canteen can lead to a new business idea or drinks at the bar can turn into a collaboration. Designing a coworking space that sparks creativity and innovation, but also caters to the varying size of businesses, is also important.

Level39 corridor

What makes Level39 special?

“We are here on the 39th floor of One Canada Square which is still an iconic part of the skyline, recognised all around the world as an embodiment of London’s financial services and trading centre.” Ben Brabyn, Head of Level39

“Within Canary Wharf there’s 120,000 very smart people working in these big institutions and banks all around it. Here at Level39 we are occupying three floors of the tallest skyscraper, One Canada Square.” Asif Faruque, Head of Content


Diversity is key for learning and collaboration, and this community of 1,250 leaders, in cybersecurity, fintech and retail tech, consists of many nationalities with world-class talent and many businesses with different, brilliant ideas. Additionally, the support from Level39’s team and strong coworking community, as well as the impressive infrastructure and interior design, will help these businesses thrive further and tackle big global issues.

Stay tuned for our next Nexudus Presents interview. It will feature another diverse space that uses our white-label workspace management software. Get inspiration from other thriving coworking spaces - their design, services, facilities and community!

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