Surviving as a Coworking Startup

There are two key requirements for establishing a successful coworking business: One is finding a robust, flexible system to manage the space. The other, essential to help you grow quickly and effectively, is support and guidance from people who have been there and done it.

Founder of one of the world’s first coworking spaces ‘The Melting Pot’, Claire Carpenter explains how, in partnership with Nexudus, the Coworking Accelerator Network is delivering practical resources and support to coworking space operators around the world: Including a global membership network of coworking leaders, in-person expert-led workshops, and a white-label “ACCELERATE System” for switching on and scaling new coworking businesses faster, and safer, than ‘going it alone’.

Surviving as a Coworking Startup

In 2005, The Melting Pot was just an idea in Claire’s head. Very few people had even heard of “coworking” – the first official "coworking space" had only just opened in San Francisco as a reaction to "unsocial" business centres and “unproductive” home offices.

Nevertheless, Claire and a small team set out to create a shared working and learning environment in their home city of Edinburgh, Scotland – with the aim of bringing together interesting people doing amazing things. Two years later, The Melting Pot opened its doors to the public.

“It’s amazing we survived,” Claire recalls. “There were times when I thought we were going under. It was a brand new business model, we had virtually no money, it was an unexplored market in a small city and we didn’t know what we were doing”.

Building Success

The decade since has seen a lot of successes – as well as many false starts and failures – but the insight and experience that the team gained has been increasingly valuable to other people who have been contacting The Melting Pot to ask for advice for starting their own coworking spaces across Scotland, into Europe, and all over the world – as far as New Zealand and Australia.

“We’ve learned a huge amount over that time. We have survived and thrived and wanted to share our experience to help others create spaces where communities and business flourish”.

Accelerating New Coworking Spaces

Having built The Melting Pot’s coworking business on Nexudus since 2015, and partly in response to an increasing number of calls to set up coworking spaces in other towns and cities, Claire and her team launched the Coworking Accelerator Network.

Providing practical support, start-up advice and promotional opportunities for both existing and emerging “quality coworking” spaces around the world, the Coworking Accelerator Network provides a range of practical support for coworking businesses of all shapes and sizes:

Nexudus is delighted to be working with the Coworking Accelerator Network to support the growth of even more quality coworking spaces around the world, and existing Nexudus customers are entitled to a 10% discount on tickets for the 2018 “EXPLORE Quality Coworking” learning event when mentioning Nexudus in their application for tickets on the event website: