Your coworking community goes mobile

We've already talked about the tools that you have available on your Nexudus Spaces account that improve communication with your coworking community.
We're really pleased to announce a great new update on Nexudus Spaces, which will not only aid communication between members, it will also help with day-to-day processes. We're talking about Passport by Nexudus, a mobile app that is already available on iOS and Android.

Passport by Nexudus


What is PASSPORT by Nexudus?

It's a mobile app linked to your Nexudus Spaces account, which lets your coworkers do the following right from their smartphone:

  • Community messages: Coworkers can communicate with the rest of the community by adding threads, posting comments and searching content.
  • Directory: The directory shows the content that's on your Nexudus Spaces account. Coworkers can see members profiles and send direct messages to one another.
  • Bookings: Coworkers can book any of the meeting rooms visible on your Nexudus Spaces account via Passport. The process is very simple, coworkers only have to enter the date and time that they would like to make the booking and the app shows them the resources available at that time.
  • My Profile: It's never been easier for members to fill out their profiles. They just have to go to the Me section on the app and edit the fields they want.


How does PASSPORT by Nexudus work?

One of the app's main characteristics is that it is modular and you can activate or deactivate the sections that will be displayed on the app via your Nexudus Spaces dashboard. This lets you have more control over the features that you want your coworkers to use on Passport. If you're managing several spaces with your Nexudus Spaces account, you can set up different Passport features for each of them.

PASSPORT by Nexudus

What's more, in line with the platform's philosophy, Passport by Nexudus has white-label features which you can customise. By default, the app takes on the main colour of the logo that you added to your Nexudus Spaces account. You can also opt to manually add any colour that you want via the dashboard.

PASSPORT by Nexudus

This means that if you're managing several spaces with your Nexudus Spaces account, the app could be a different colour for each space!

PASSPORT by Nexudus

What do I need so that I can use PASSPORT by Nexudus?

Your coworking space must be using Nexudus Spaces, which is linked to the app. If you still don't have an account, you can open a free demo account. Members/contacts must be signed up to your space and have a valid username and password so that they can use Passport by Nexudus. Once they've downloaded the Android or iOS app, they'll be asked to enter their credentials, and hey presto, they'll be able to use the app!


PASSPORT is part of your Nexudus Spaces subscription and does not incur you or your coworkers any extra cost.


Main photo source: Jordan McQueen


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