CUASIA is Growing Up

CUASIA is Growing Up

Are you ready for CUASIA 2019? We are! The Nexudus team will be attending the event, as usual, which is taking place in Goa, 20-24 Feb.

This year CUASIA is turning 5 years old, and the theme for the event is ‘growing up’— how apt! This exciting 5 day long coworking event will open its doors to attendees from all over the world to learn, play and grow together. The past four years have seen over attendees from over 40 countries, and this year, we’ll unite in Goa to help each other mitigate mistakes, grow, and create an even better version of coworking.

Why travel all the way to Asia? Well, I can name countless reasons but one is because coworking in Asia is growing and evolving faster than any other regions in the world. Supply of flexible workspace has increased at over 50% in some APAC markets over the past year.

The main reason to travel to gorgeous Goa, is because coworking in India is very hot right now and has experienced incredible growth. This is mainly due to its thriving economy and growing startup ecosystem, as well as a growing demand for flexibility and cost-effective workspace. There are approximately 350 coworking operators with an estimated 500 locations across the country. But 80-90% of these spaces only started their operations over the last 12 to 18 months. They’re mushrooming! That’s why India is a great place to be right now, to discuss and learn more about the coworking movement.

CUASIA is always a unique and inspiring few days where you can network with other coworking space operators, meet investors and tech teams, as well as learn from the very best in the industry. We have thoroughly enjoyed the past events and always love to get creative. In Bali and Thailand we printed a large-scale poster of our design for the attendees to colour in #ColorWorking. Last year in Malaysia, the attendees helped to create a massive CUASIA logo that was also filmed using drones. Collaboration is one of the buzzwords in coworking, and so we try to come up with fun activities that bring the coworking community together. We plan on bringing something exciting for you again, in Goa. So be sure to stop by our stand to find out more!

#ColorWorking at CUASIA 2016, in Bali

You’ll find our friendly Nexudus team at the event making friends and networking, but also at our stand. So please come over to have a chat or to solve any queries you may have about our software or managing your space. Whether you’re thinking of opening a space, are already established, or wanting to expand, we may have the right solution for you. Our comprehensive coworking management software supports a growing member base (we don’t charge for features, you simply pay according to the number of active members), as well as multiple locations. It’s the close relationship with our customers and their feedback that helps us understand what they need, so that we can improve the user experience and add new features.

What to expect at CUASIA:

Having teething problems, or debating whether or not to grow your coworking space? The events team have curated some topics/questions to focus on throughout the event which includes:

  • Are partners right for your path forward?
  • Philosophical debates: to grow or not to grow?

Day 1: Celebrations

The first day celebrates the Indian coworking ecosystem and offers a chance to get to know the rest of your global coworking community.

Have fun, get to know your peers and share experiences

Day 2: Coworking Academy

This full-day, pre-event is a great chance to learn how to manage and build a thriving coworking space, as well as how to take that big leap effectively, from some of the greatest minds in our industry. This is also a chance to ask lots of questions!

Day 3: Keynotes & Panels

If you came to hear from experts in the industry, then this is the day! Panels of coworking leaders and industry experts, will be discuss some of the most important topics and emerging trends in the industry. This is an opportunity to gain more knowledge from these gurus and stay at the forefront of what’s happening in the industry.

Day 4: The Unconference

An Unconference is a day dedicated to you, the attendees, where you can take part in discussions and debates about topics of your choice, with your peers.

Think about what you want to talk about - any queries, concerns or even some insights, tips and tricks that you want to share with the community.

This is a great chance to get feedback on your space and ideas, learn from other managers/operators, as well as discover competitive advantages.

CUASIA Unconference

Day 5: Discover Goa

You’re going to be in Goa, surrounded by beautiful beaches, incredible food and an exciting culture. If you have time, make the most of your trip, wherever you’ve travelled from, and explore the ‘Rome of the East’ properly. You can sign up for the post-event excursions, at no extra cost, or explore by yourself!

Discover Goa, the 'Rome of the East'

For whatever reason you’ve decided to attend CUASIA2019, you will surely meet some amazing people, share incredible experiences and go back home with more knowledge and clarity about coworking. See you soon folks!

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