CUASIA 2017 / What to expect from Chiang Mai this week?


Chiang Mai (Thailand) is to host the third Coworking Unconference ASIA this week. Members of the coworking community from more than 30 countries will participate in the event, which has become a must for anyone who wants all the latest on the coworking movement. This year's core theme is "Creative Convergence: Exploring the intersection of work."

The participants, environment and conference format make CUASIA the perfect context for debating the latest coworking news, and changes and challenges that the industry faces. What's more, it is always great to become reacquainted with familiar faces and meet newbies on the coworking block.

The event is organised as follows:


  • Day 1 (8 Feb).- Spotlight Thailand

    A day of discovering Thailand's local community and entrepreneurial ecosystem and the chance to speak to global partners.


  • Day 2 (9 Feb).- Coworking Academy

    Are you thinking about opening a coworking space or have you recently opened one? This is the perfect place for an intensive workshop on several aspects, such as Community Engagement, Coworking Finances, Coworking Operations and Programming & Events. Don't be shy and ask away! Experienced space managers will be happy to share their models and best practices with you. 


  • Day 3 (10 Feb).- CUASIA DAY 1

    The first day of the conference itself is scheduled around presentations and panels, which will discuss the trends and future of work environments, provide information on the Asian coworking ecosystem or emerging trends in Asia, as well as many other subjects.


  • Day 4 (11 Feb).- CUASIA DAY 2

    The Unconference is on the second day and consists of six sessions over the space of the day, during which participants get the chance to decide, share and create the content. If you want to attend, don't leave any of the experience, worries or questions you want to share at the door as you are bound to come across new opinions at the Unconference that will help you.


This is the official programme but don't forget all the added bonuses: the people you'll meet and engaging conversations you'll have with them when you're not attending presentations and panels, e.g. around the dinner table, on the bus during excursions, during coffee breaks or even at the airport on your way back! One of the most positive things about this type of event is all of the knowledge and experiences that you'll share and meeting people from such different places.


This year, we are going to keep up what has become a "tradition" for us: ColorWorking. This tradition actually started at CUASIA last year when the organisers had the brilliant idea of printing a large-scale poster of our design for the participants to colour in. We hope that you'll all help us add a bit of colour again this year!

See you in Chiang Mai!

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