Nexudus 2022: A Year in Review

Nexudus 2022: A Year in Review

Wow… and just like that we are heading into 2023.

This year has really flown by, and has been very much a marquee year for Nexudus. We have been working tirelessly, as always, to make our platform as good as it can be for all our amazing customers. 

As we bring the year to close, let’s take a quick look back at some of the major milestones we hit, and some of the big changes we implemented this year.

10 years of Nexudus

For us, 2022 was always going to be a significant year, as it marks 10 years since the company was first founded.

As a company we don’t spend too much of our time looking backwards. Instead our goal is always to keep our eyes looking firmly into the future. As we mentioned in our 10 year retrospective into the platform, though, there can sometimes be benefits to casting your mind back to see how far you have come, and consider some of the ways we have changed over the years.

One of the most striking differences between the platform now and how it was a decade ago can be seen through the floor plan visualisations. Back when we first started, desk bookings were much less impressive than they are now. Technology has come a long way in 10 years, and Archilogic’s 3D floor plans provide an incredibly stark representation of this difference. 

The year of data

AI Module

For us here at Nexudus, 2022 has been the year of data! We stated in our start of year teaser of things to come, that we would be focussing closely on improving how the platform uses data to recognise trends and present them in a way that can give you actionable insights into how the efficiency of your space can be improved. The end result of this is the Trends and Insights Dashboard in the Nexudus Admin Panel.

As our industry continues to grow there are increasing opportunities for spaces to grow and succeed. With this comes challenges, as spaces face more and more competition and the marketplace becomes more crowded. It is in this way that data can be such a powerful tool. We aim to leverage this massive amount of data and knowledge into actionable insights.

Beyond simply analysing this data, though, we have added AI, to create an industry leading feature, which is able to project demand and create insights into how you space is accessed by your users. 

Flexspace Observatory

With 10 years of experience of working with coworking and flex workspace all over the world, we have gathered tons of data which can provide us with invaluable insights into how spaces operate and the trends which are driving our industry moving forward.

We thought it was about time that we start using this data to benefit people across the industry. As we mentioned above, we feel as though the key to future success in this industry lies in the effective use of data to provide operators with actionable insights, which can allow them to streamline their operations and maximise their profitability. 

Flexspace Observatory is here to provide operators and those interested in the industry a view into how it has developed in the past decade and where these trends seem to be moving towards. Keep you eyes peeled on Flexspace Observatory, as we have some very exciting updates coming at the start of the new year!

New Admin Panel

One of the key aspects of our mentality at Nexudus is to always be evolving, and that is something we have consistently shown over the past decade of operating. It is one of the things that we find so exciting and stimulating about being part of such a dynamic and expanding industry. The coworking and flexible workspace world has exploded over the past decade, and we are privileged to have been able to grow along with it. 

We are by no means the finished article though, and our platform will always be able to be improved and updated. A perfect example being a complete revamp of the Admin Panel. This is where our customers spend most of their time, which is why we strive to make it as intuitive and powerful as we possibly can.

For example, we put particular effort with this new version into improving floor plans, making it much easier for you to see associated items on the specific floor plan you are viewing. Likewise, we put a lot of effort into improving the mobile compatibility of the admin panel. We know many of you need to access it on the go, so making it work more efficiently regardless of how you choose to access it was key for us. 

Passport V3

In a similar way to the Admin Panel, this year was also high time we gave Passport a bit of TLC. This update was more than just a fresh lick of paint, though. Version 3 of the Passport app was a complete rewrite, bringing it in line with the Admin Panel. It truly is the most comprehensive and powerful version of the app we have released thus far.

The most immediately noticeable aspect of the updated version of the app is its redesign. This new look brings Passport much more in line with the Members’ Portal. In much the same vein, we have looked to unify the experience users have across all our platforms, meaning we have added numerous features that will make it easier for your customers to interact with your space and community in whatever way works best for them.

For those of you wanting to find our more about this latest version, we ran a webinar earlier this year which you can check out below...


Nexudus customers will know that we pride ourselves on our ever expanding list of integrations. Flexibility is the name of the game, and we want to empower our users to enjoy the software they rely on and love most, and combine it with the power of Nexudus. 

Automations are the key to allowing you to focus on your community, so taking those tiresome tasks out of your hands is what we always aim for. This year, a major step forward in this regard was the release of our integration with HubSpot. This has been in the pipeline for a long time and we are thrilled to have finally been able to release it to the wider Nexudus community. 

This has been one of the most requested integrations we have ever had, and we are delighted that so many of you are already making great use of it. 

In addition to that, our Marketplaces API has made it easier than ever for workspace aggregators and marketplaces to showcase workspaces using Nexudus. Now, with companies such as Upflex, Tally Market and NearU all integrating with the Nexudus platform, you can rest assured that you can market your space effectively to users searching for your services. 

Overall it has been a red letter year for Nexudus in a number of ways, from celebrating a decade since the company was first started, releasing updates for some of our keystone features and apps, to adding yet more major names to our ever expanding list of integrations. For us, 2022 will always be the year we really dove headfirst into data, and pushing the limits of how this can be used to revolutionise the way workspaces are run. 

Keep your eyes peeled early in the new year for details on what you can expect from us in 2023. We hope you have had a successful 2022 and wish you a very happy festive season and good fortune in the coming year. 

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