Streamline your marketing processes with Syncaroo

Streamline your marketing processes with Syncaroo

Running a coworking or flex workspace requires one thing over all others - people to use your space. Now, I know this sounds obvious and overly simplistic, but in reality, it’s no small feat. With so many spaces out there all largely competing for similar audiences, you need to be able to ensure people are aware of your space, and can easily make bookings with you.

One fantastic way of marketing your space is to have it listed on a number of different platforms, broker sites or aggregators, in order to get as many eyes or potential bookings as possible. 

The downside of having your workspace featured on so many platforms, however, is that it can be a time-consuming process to update information about your space. This could be your opening hours, prices, or availability - whatever it is though, making sure all your listings are unified can be a significant timesink. 

Luckily, there is an integration with Nexudus that can do all of this for you… Syncaroo!

Integrate your Nexudus account with Syncaroo to streamline your marketing processes

What is Syncaroo?

Syncaroo is a platform that lets you sync Nexudus workspace data automatically with dynamic widgets, workspace aggregators, boutique brokers and other marketing or sales platforms. 

By connecting your Nexudus account to Syncaroo, you’ll be able to auto-update listings, widgets and brokers, and make sure that incoming bookings or requests are checked to avoid double-bookings automatically.

Keep your listings updated - the benefits

As was mentioned by Marc Navarro in a recent article, setting the rates for your coworking space has changed significantly since the start of the pandemic. More than ever, workspace operators are required to review their pricing strictly regularly to meet the demands of their audience, as well as to adapt to the changes in regulation in response to the ebb and flow of the pandemic locally. 

As well as reviewing your pricing structure, we have also discussed in recent articles how you can promote your coworking or flex workspace on different platforms to increase visibility amongst potential customers. Combine this with the regular reviewing of your rates, which we discussed above, and you now have the unenviable task of ensuring that your prices remain unified across every platform your space is listed on. 

This is where Syncaroo comes in. Co-founder, Hector Kolonas, understands the difficulties of operating and marketing a coworking space, which is why he started Syncaroo, to streamline how spaces can market themselves online. 

Any changes made in Nexudus, be that to your prices or availability of desks or meeting rooms will be automatically updated on an ever-increasing number of platforms. As you can imagine, this can hugely increase your productivity, and can also eliminate errors and double-bookings which are frustrating for everyone. 

How to integrate with Syncaroo

Coworking and flex workspaces running Nexudus are now able to access the latest version of our Syncaroo integration, which offers two-way syncing with platforms and services across your Operational Stack

If you are a Nexudus customer already participating in the Syncaroo version 1 private beta, which currently offers one-way syncing, you will receive instructions from Syncaroo on how to upgrade to the latest version. 

For Nexudus users not currently taking part in the private beta, you are able to sign-up now and get Q-jumped to the front of the waitlist when you apply here

For more information on Syncaroo’s pricing, head over to their website and find out more. 

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