Enjoy a Connected Coffee Experience with the New TopBrewer by Scanomat Integration

Enjoy a Connected Coffee Experience with the New TopBrewer by Scanomat Integration

When it comes to coffee, your members are bound to have varied preferences. You'll have some who opt for straight espressos, and others who argue that that the more shots of syrup, the better.

Everyone has their own opinions on how they like to take their coffee, but the two prerequisites that are most important to your average coffee drinker are fairly obvious - they want their coffee to taste good, and they want it quickly!

Fortunately, your members can experience this sooner rather than later, as we have recently joined up with a coffee solutions provider that prides itself on not only providing these two ever-important factors, but also on delivering the best, fully-connected coffee experience from start to finish.

We are more than excited to announce that we are now integrated with Scanomat, producer of the excellent TopBrewer coffee machine. With this native integration that marks a first for the coffee industry, making a cup of coffee will become a lot quicker and easier for your members. And despite being an impressive feat of technology that will make your space that much more attractive to current and future members, the solution really could not be simpler to use.

At Nexudus, we dedicate our focus to providing the appropriate tools to coworking and flexible workspaces admins to allow them to carry out their daily tasks with ease. Our integrations with third-party providers, along with the strengths of our own solution, allow operators and space users to reach their full potential. And as far as we are concerned, this coffee machine can certainly help to make that happen!

Who is Scanomat?

Scanomat has been providing coffee solutions for over fifty years. Since designing the world’s first fully automatic cappuccino machine in 1981, the organisation has become known around the globe for its high-quality solutions that consistently raise the bar on innovation. TopBrewer - Scanomat's flagship product – has changed the way people consume coffee in all kinds of different environments. With its sleek design and ease of use, the TopBrewer has become a benchmark for the coffee industry.

A member making a coffee by scanning QR code

How will your members benefit from the integration between Scanomat and Nexudus?

The integration will bring on numerous benefits for your members, such as:

Barista coffee prepared instantly

Are your members familiar with experiencing long queues in your space's café? If you have a coffee machine in your space, you may have become used to the amount of time it takes to set up and clean, leaving people waiting. If either of these is the case, it could be time for an upgrade.

TopBrewer, Scanomat’s most popular coffee solution not only excels in how quickly it is able to convert the beans to your cup, but the process of using your device to order, customise and pay for your coffee could not be simpler.

TopBrewer promises a fast and seamless experience to even the most demanding of coffee drinkers. All your members will have to do is tap the screen of the machine’s accompanying iPad to select their coffee of choice and adjust their preferences such as coffee strength, number of cups, and whether they would like whole or skim milk, for example. After this, they will move on to the Pay screen, and the iPad's camera will switch on. Members will need to open up Passport by Nexudus, and select QR code on the navigation menu.

Two space members enjoying a coffee beside the TopBrewer

Your members will be instructed to place their cup under the machine’s dispenser, and present their QR code to the iPad’s camera. Once this code has been read, they will hear the whir of the machine, and they will notice that their coffee is beginning to brew. With its 64mm steel grinders, the TopBrewer extracts your coffee to precision level with the correct pump pressure, every single time. All of this is made possible due to Scanomat's vertical integration and the interplay of hardware and software.

Whether your members are using their coffee as an opportunity to take a break and unwind, or their next coffee is less of a respite and more of a necessity - a refuel before returning to their work, as the TopBrewer is always ready to go, it is fair to say that your members will not be left waiting long to get their caffeine fix! Any space can now reap the benefits of self-serviced barista coffee prepared with user experience in mind.

Connect coffee purchases to Nexudus

One of the main reasons why we designed our solution is to make payments simple. Our solution has developed significantly over the years, but throughout, we have maintained a focus on making our members’ experience as streamlined as can be. We have made the ability to make easy payments an integral part of our Admin Panel, our Members’ Portal, our apps, and our integrations, so it is only right that we reflect this simplicity in this integration also.

Just as chasing your members for invoices is a thing of the past, paying for your coffee either with cash or with your credit card can also be made history too! As the TopBrewer’s system is linked to your Nexudus account, as a customer orders drinks, each purchase will be automatically added to their purchase history, and they will see the charges for these on their next invoice. No need to reach for your purse or wallet, no running back to your desk after you have realised that you have left it behind. Getting your caffeine fill should be simple - this integration will keep it that way.

Space member making a selection on TopBrewer's integrated iPad

Design Flexibility

One of the concerns that many spaces have with implementing a new coffee machine is an aesthetic one. If you have carefully designed all of the interiors of your coworking space with your design and style in mind, it is understandable that you don’t want a large coffee machine to steal away from the look that you are trying to achieve.

One of the most attractive features of the TopBrewer is its versatility and its ability to fit perfectly into any environment. With its innovative under-counter design that reduces the amount of the product that is on show, it is minimalistic enough to be situated in the middle of the room, at a corner or on a rounded stand, for example. But if you want to make it the focal point of the room, this is also certainly achievable. Its stylish swan-neck tap will bring a new level of elegance to any space, and considering that its grill and iPad holder come in a variety of colours and finishes, you are bound to find a TopBrewer that will perfectly match the ambience of your space.TopBrewer by Scanomat in action

Analytics functionalities 

Just as Nexudus’ reporting functionalities offer operators insight into how their space is operating, Scanomat offers a similar service that is made available to Nexudus customers.

A part of Scanomat’s offering is an IoT management system that delivers a connected experience to users. As the world’s first and most advanced cloud management system for coffee machines, CoffeeCloud gives users the ability to see the real-time operational insights of their machines, key metrics and live dashboards to ensure that the machines in their spaces or across their network are running efficiently.

Available on Android, iOS, Mac and Windows, the technology allows users to see all kinds of relevant data, such as the number of drinks ordered, cleaning reports, fault reports and much more, allowing operators to easily remedy any errors that need to be addressed.

This way, downtime is kept to a minimum and the coffee experience is uninterrupted - which equals one happy community!
A member using CoffeeCloud to analyse health of coffee machines across the network

Things to note before getting started

Before you can get started integrating your Nexudus account with Scanomat, you will first need to make sure that you have a few things in order:

1.   Have a Scanomat account

If you are yet to set up an account with Scanomat, you will need to do this first. To do so, you can get in touch with Scanomat by using their contact form - they will help you to get your account opened up and arrange for the TopBrewer to be installed in your space. Make sure to mention that you would like to integrate Scanomat with Nexudus. This way, one of Scanomat’s technicians will show you how to do so.

2.   Create a Scanomat product in Nexudus

Within your Nexudus account, you will need to create a record for the product itself - this is the line item that will appear on your members’ invoices.

You can do this by navigating to the Sales tab in the Admin Panel. By clicking on Products, you will then choose to Add Product, where you will give your product a name, making sure that it is something clear and recognisable, such as ‘TopBrewer Coffee’.

After entering a short description for the product, you will leave the Price field empty, as the price of your drinks can be edited directly through Scanomat.

Once you save this record, your Scanomat product will appear in your list of products, and it will be ready for use.

Once you have your shared secret, copy it somewhere so that you can use it later in the integration process.

3.   Generate a shared secret for Scanomat and Nexudus

A shared secret just means a password that allows both systems to communicate with each other. There are many resources out there that can create a randomly generated password like this, but we recommend this password generator website.

Be sure to keep a record of this shared secret, as you will need it for the integration.

When you have followed each of these steps, you will be able to start the integration process. We can smell the coffee from here…

TopBrewer beverage selection screen

We have provided detailed instructions on setting up the integration between TopBrewer by Scanomat and Nexudus. To read through these, head over to TopBrewer’s dedicated article on our knowledge base. Here, we also walk through the process of using your TopBrewer machine to make a cup of coffee using Nexudus.

To find out more about our other partnerships, visit our integrations page.

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