How can the integration between SALTO KS and Nexudus benefit your coworking space?

At Nexudus, our goal is to provide the mission-critical tools and applications that coworking operators need to thrive. We’re always looking to innovate our own platform and part of this involves integrating with other leading apps to enhance our own solution. 

Our integrations help make us the most comprehensive and user-friendly coworking management platforms in the industry. By partnering with different apps, we’re able to provide operators with everything they need to run their space, including automated access control.

What is SALTO KS?

SALTO KS's cloud-based smart access control solution enables coworking operators to define who has access to different parts of their space. One of the great things about it is that it doesn’t require software installation – all the user needs is a single connected online device.

SALTO’s global team are trained, certified and on hand to provide expertise and support wherever needed. The beauty of SALTO KS is that it’s easy to use and is designed to simplify access operations for coworking operators large and small. 

We integrate with SALTO because they’re one of the access control industry’s leaders. The company’s API-first approach is unique in the access control world and gives full control to its partners, enabling real-time and seamless sharing of information. 

Nexudus’ collaboration with SALTO’s KS system allows for seamless transfer of members’ bookings from one system to another, providing operators with autonomy over how space is utilised.

How do your members benefit from the integration between SALTO KS and Nexudus

In essence, SALTO KS allows members to enter a coworking space using a iOS or Android smartphone, or a [personal] physical access card that significantly reduces touchpoints. With physical distancing measures being introduced, this function will prove valuable and help reduce the spread of bacteria and viruses.

Automation is a key benefit. Here are a handful of processes users can automate when integrating SALTO KS with their Nexudus account:

  • Flexible opening times

Coworking operators can build plans that enable different types of members to access the space at different times. By integrating SALTO KS with Nexudus, users can synchronise access conditions to ensure that schedules are adhered to. This function will become particularly valuable, as operators reduce or reconfigure occupancy. 

  •      Contactless door opening

Nexudus’ “Passport” app - for iOS and Android smartphones - allows coworking members to open various types of locks, including meeting room locks and locker locks.p. All they need to do is touch their smartphone on any SALTO KS lock within the building and they’ll gain entry (or not, depending on whether or not they have access permission). 

  • Reports & insights 

Integrating door access control with a Nexudus account allows coworking operators to know who’s in the building – and which part of it –at any given time. To simplify and speed up the process of finding who’s where, the data is displayed in a single view.

  • Resources

Users can link their SALTO KS account with the Resources configured in their Nexudus account. When a hot desk or meeting room booking is made using the Nexudus platform, the operator can generate access via SALTO KS. 

How does it work?

To start making the most of the SALTO KS and Nexudus integration, coworking operators first need to have an active Nexudus account.  Secondly, operators can contact SALTO in order to get SALTO KS hardware provisioned in their space, and to receive access to the KS system. Once both points are complete, SaltoKS can then be integrated easily by simply attaching the SALTO KS account into Nexudus. Provisioning of SALTO KS is fully automated by Nexudus.

Access control is also provided through Nexudus’ “Passes” feature. Coworking operators can link specific Passes to their SALTO KS account to begin granting the necessary access rights to different groups of members; SALTO KS is used to manage Passes and Resources configured on the Nexudus platform. These are easy to add, change, and remove.

A Nexudus Pass acts like a digital key that grants access to members.

Nexudus has some Passes configured by default, including a 24-hour pass, a day pass (8 hours), and an evening pass. Members can buy individual Passes separately or as part of a more comprehensive membership plan. When a member attempts to enter the coworking space by tapping their phone on a SALTO KS lock, they are granted immediate access as long as they have a valid Pass.

To find out more about our other partnerships, visit our apps integrations page

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