Nexudus Virtual rooms: engage with your community online thanks to the Jitsi integration

Nexudus Virtual rooms: engage with your community online thanks to the Jitsi integration

Covid-19 has transformed the way we work. Many coworkers have had to work from home, some spaces have had to undergo temporary closure and for a very few weeks it was difficult to see the light at the end of the tunnel for many. But like it happens with most crises, this has been an opportunity to evaluate and rethink our behaviours, workflows the tools we use and processes we follow. And yes, many companies have realised that remote working is coming to stay and that bringing your members together in a virtual manner has a tremendously positive effect for coworking communities.

Here, at Nexudus, we aim to adapt to changes and have seen this as an opportunity to keep supporting you and your members through our platform. This why we have launched Nexudus Virtual Rooms, a secure remote conference service powered by Jitsi

With this new integration, video conferencing is made easier than ever. Your members can jump into a meeting without having to install any software or without even having an account with Jitsi; all they need is a link! Oh, and if you were wondering, you can also enable the option of generating a unique link along with each meeting room booking confirmation for each of your rooms!

What is Jitsi?

Jitsi is a collection of free and open-source multiplatform voice, videoconferencing and instant messaging applications for the web platform, Windows, Linux, macOS, iOS and Android.

Nexudus connects to Jitsi in two ways:

Always-on-Virtual Rooms

Always-on Virtual Rooms enable your customers to quickly jump into a meeting without having to install any additional software. The virtual rooms are always ready to accept participants.

You can create any number of rooms and make those available to different types of customers as well as automatically provide a private room to each of your teams and even individual customers. Click here for more information.

After setting up the integration, Nexudus creates a virtual room for each team and for every individual automatically. After that, you can create as many virtual rooms as you need!

Booking Video Conference Links

Enabling this option will generate a unique link along with each booking confirmation for each of your rooms. This link will be provided to the customer booking a room, as well as to every guest or visitor who is invited as part of that booking. Click here for more information.

There are many ways you could benefit from this integration; from morning coffee breaks in your virtual kitchen to brainstorming sessions in your virtual lounge area; the creativity and possibilities are endless! 

Keeping your members engaged and providing a virtual space that supports them is a powerful way to gain and build loyalty, which is why we have listed other ways that you can assist your members, especially during unprecedented times like this. Click here to learn more.

Do you have any questions about the integration process? Do you need any help with the setup? Contact Us

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