Zoom them until you can hug them!

Zoom them until you can hug them!

We believe nothing can replace a community getting together, face-to-face, and no tools can currently replace the interactions and progress we make when we are physically in the same place. Most of our customers today thrive on this idea and have managed to foster truly amazing communities built around shared interests, goals or services. A lot of these communities rely on a physical place to meet, share ideas, showcase products or simply work hard towards those goals.

For many of you, access to this physical space is severely limited or entirely out of reach for those who need it the most. Aside from the obvious financial impact this is having, it is undoubtedly making the communities in those spaces fragment and slow down but also, and this is what made us fall in love with coworking in the first place, making them stronger and work harder than ever to find ways to continue doing their job, supporting each other and continue to function.

From Nexudus, moments like this are what makes us tick! From the moment we started to realise the impact this pandemic was having for our customers and for us, the team scrambled to find ways to support existing communities that could no longer meet face to face. The great news is that the Nexudus Platform already has a good number of modules enabling members to virtually meet, collaborate, promote their products or ask for specific services.

You can also already organise and promote events, many of which we are now being held online, sell tickets for those events, send mass communications and announcements to all your community but, as usual, we thought we could take things a step further.

We have taken every module that deals with potential physical interactions (events, meeting room bookings and the community board) and connected them to the video -conference platform Zoom.

With this integration you can provide a Zoom Meeting link to your attendees for virtual events; your members can connect their Zoom accounts and request a unique Zoom link when placing bookings on the members portal, and customers can join conversations on the community board remotely via a unique Zoom Meeting link.

What is Zoom?

Zoom Video Communications is a remote conferencing services company. It provides remote conferencing services that combine video conferencing, online meetings, chat and mobile collaboration.

Zoom works with Nexudus in three ways:

Zoom for Community Board Messages

When using Zoom for Community Board Messages, members and customers starting a conversation in your community boards will be able to request a unique Zoom Meeting link letting other customers join that conversation remotely. Click here to learn how to use Zoom for Community Board Messages.

Zoom for Events

When using Zoom for Events, you will be able to provide a unique and secure Zoom Meeting link to every attendee who RSPV or purchases a ticket for each of your events. Click here to learn how to use Zoom for Events now.

Zoom for Bookings

When using Zoom for Customers, members and customers placing bookings in your calendar will be able to request a unique Zoom Meeting link with each reservation and make that available to every guest added to that booking. Click here for more information.

Transforming the way we work and evolving in times of change are essential steps to thrive in times of change. Facilitating key virtual resources to your members and supporting their work remotely will keep the engagement with your space, ensure work is still happening smoothly and support members who are currently isolating to keep feeling part of the community.

Also, did you know that there are many ways Nexudus can support you to communicate with your members too? Click here to learn more.

Do you have any questions about the integration process? Do you need any help with the set up? Contact Us

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