• "I believe the coworking movement is about accepting direct responsibility for the growth of all members in our coworking space and community" Interview with N.Orea

    Nataniel Orea: I'm a digital nomad, business owner and a hardened idealist. I studied business development and over my 28 years I have been almost everything: a labourer, waiter, personal assistant and, last but not least, an entrepreneur (that last one is my favourite). At the moment, I am working on the Mexican coworking association and planning on growing our NEST coworking spaces, together with my two partners.

  • "I can see wayCO helping companies transform their formal structures" Nacho Cambralla (wayCO)

    Nacho Cambralla has worked in several areas of a company, such as IT, Marketing and Human Resources. In 2012, he started a new project to give companies and entrepreneurs advice to help them progress and make their management models more innovative. His professional profile spans many areas and he has vast knowledge of how organisations operate.

  • "Coworking is sharing the way you see the world" Interview with Matías Vázquez

    Matias Sebastián Vázquez is half Brazilian, half Argentinian, and loves football and his Corinthians. He's married with two children and defines himself as a frustrated media consultant and a connector. He founded MSV Assessoria, [Sharing E.C.](http://sharingec.com.br/ "Sharing EC"), Coworking na Garagem, Coworking Day Brasil, [COLATAM](http://colatam.com/ "COLATAM"), and is currently in the process of opening a second space in a 10-storey building that will accommodate 1,100 coworkers.

  • Your coworking community goes mobile

    Your coworking community goes mobile

    We've already talked about the [tools](http://coworking.nexudus.com/en/blog/read/59966917/how-to-manage-communication-in-your-coworking-space-using-nexudus-spaces "Communication Tools Nexudus ") that you have available on your Nexudus Spaces account that improve communication with your coworking community. We're really pleased to announce a great new update on Nexudus Spaces, which will not only aid communication between members, it will also help with day-to-day processes. We're talking about Passport by Nexudus, a mobile app that is already available on [iOS](https://itunes.apple.com/en/app/id1100057771?businessId=196374178 "Passport by Nexudus") and [Android](https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.nexudusspaces&businessId=196374178 "Passport by Nexudus").

  • 101 legal guide for coworking spaces (I)

    101 legal guide for coworking spaces (I)

    There are so many factors that need to be taken into account before opening a coworking space: from choosing the space, its layout, location, and the services that it's going to offer to the legal aspects that you need to consider.

  • Looking back on an outstanding coworking event: CUASIA 2016

    Looking back on an outstanding coworking event: CUASIA 2016

    Last week saw the second CUAsia conference, which was held in Bali. It has become one of the 'must' events for the coworking community with more than 220 participants from 31 countries this year. After some very intense days, it's time for us to reflect upon everything that we learnt, the experiences we shared and the places we visited. The conference's setting and the community gathered there, but most certainly the hard work, dedication and attention to detail on the part of the organising team, made the event extremely special.

  • CUASIA 2016 and #COlorWORKING

    CUASIA 2016 and #COlorWORKING

    The [CUASIA unconference 2016](http://www.cuasia.co/ "CUASIA coworking unconference 2016") will be held next week in Ubud (Bali). For the second year running, the event will bring together members of the coworking community from thirty countries. This time the central theme will explore how to live, work and learn differently in the growing collaborative economy.

  • How to market your #coworking space... and what to avoid

    How to market your #coworking space... and what to avoid

    Over the past 2 years I’ve been scratching my head figuring out what is the best way to attract new members to our coworking space. We came into this world knowing close to nothing, we have tried and tested almost everything that you can do out there in terms of marketing, and doing so on a budget.

  • CW Europe Conference 2015: Together, you go further

    CW Europe Conference 2015: Together, you go further

    The latest edition of the [Coworking Europe Conference](http://coworkingeurope.net/ "") took place last week in Milan. It was the event's sixth year, which is one of the main dates on the coworking calendar to find out about the movement's trends, share experiences and discuss its future. More than 350 people attended the event, including space managers, service providers and people interested in the world of coworking.

  • Kumpul Coworking Space: Entrepreneurship & Community Development

    Kumpul Coworking Space: Entrepreneurship & Community Development

    A coworking space is not like a quick fix that instantly brings value. It takes time to build relationships and a space need to be around long enough for the members to gain trust and feel comfortable in investing their time and energy to start sharing with the other members of the community. It is not until you reach that point that the coworking space is really providing value to its members.

  • Coworking Europe Conference 2015 is coming!

    Coworking Europe Conference 2015 is coming!

    [The Coworking Europe Conference](http://coworkingeurope.net/ "") is just around the corner. On 11th, 12th and 13th November, Milan will take centre stage of the coworking scene, when an expected 350+ space managers and coworking enthusiasts from Europe, United States, Canada and many other countries will take to the Italian metropolis. This is the sixth occasion that the event has taken place and it has become one of the main benchmarks for keeping up to date with the movement's evolution, trends and new models. It is also the perfect opportunity for networking with other space managers.

  • Furniture and DIY for coworking spaces

    Furniture and DIY for coworking spaces

    Furniture and decoration are very important as they help give a coworking space its character. There are as many solutions as there are spaces and each one reflects the personality and type of environment that space managers wish to create. From design pieces from big firms to do-it-yourself creations, all must ultimately aim towards a pleasant working environment for space members.