• Nexudus & GoCardless

    Nexudus & GoCardless

    Charging for services is a really important factor in your coworking space. Automating payment processes has always been one of our goals at Nexudus Spaces. That's why over all of this time, we have integrated more than 70 payment gateways that provide service throughout the world.

  • KPI you need to know in your coworking space

    KPI you need to know in your coworking space

    **Which key performance indicators (KPI) do you use in your coworking space?** Keeping an eye on the most important statistics in your coworking space can: 1) help you understand the areas where you may have a problem; 2) check what practices work well; and 3) set quantifiable objectives that can help you regularly measure your space's performance. As you're probably aware Nexudus Spaces lets you keep up-to-date with your space's most relevant data, with more than 80 reports that provide all sorts of detailed information.

  • Contracts


    Nexudus Spaces is notoriously member-centric. Most of the processes you can put through it start and end with a member; a person. This includes bookings, memberships, legal agreements and any purchases, from a locker to a ticket to go to an event. With the time, we have introduced features that let you leap away from the individual and form groups, which we call teams, and charge members in your space for services which may not just be used by themselves, as an individual.

  • Five ways to make the most of your coworking space using Nexudus Spaces

    Five ways to make the most of your coworking space using Nexudus Spaces

    Since we started Nexudus Spaces, we've been lucky to work with hundreds of coworking spaces all over the world. Daily contact with different spaces has not only helped us improve the platform, we've also been able to spot common management patterns and needs. Generally, as a space grows, it is faced with more and more daily tasks, which can become a headache if the correct tools haven't been considered or implemented.

  • How to manage communication in your coworking space using Nexudus Spaces

    How to manage communication in your coworking space using Nexudus Spaces

    As you may know, Nexudus Spaces is built with a range of features that help you communicate effectively with your space members. From automatizing emailing to sending notifications, there are many ways Spaces can help you improve day-to-day communication with your members.

  • Integrations 101 in Nexudus Spaces

    Integrations 101 in Nexudus Spaces

    What do you keep in your bag or pockets? You're bound to have a _smartphone, your wallet, some loose change, a piece of paper with notes scribbled on it_ and a big bunch of keys. We've all got keys of all shapes and sizes: _one or several for home, the coworking space, the gym or office locker, a car or motorbike, a bike lock, etc._ Sometimes a big bunch of keys can turn into a clump of iron that's difficult to carry around. How long do we have to wait for the universal lock?

  • It's coworking time! New Google Calendar synchronisation

    It's coworking time! New Google Calendar synchronisation

    The last few weeks have been a bit busy for us. As you know, we announced the ticketing release last week and we've also made a new [two-way synchronisation](http://help.spaces.nexudus.com/en/managers/calendar-google-two.html "Google Calendar synchronisation") with Google Calendar available in your Spaces accounts. We’ve been working with hundreds of coworking spaces for a few years now so we are aware of all the different tools you use on a daily basis.

  • Nexudus Spaces 2015 wishlist

    Nexudus Spaces 2015 wishlist

    **Hi Nexuders!** We’ve started the new year full of energy! We'd like to share just how happy we are and give you a rundown of the things that happened at Nexudus Spaces in 2014. At **Nexudus Spaces**, we are extremely grateful to you, our amazing community of Nexuders, and your continued support. We love hearing from you and found all the feedback we received last year really useful. Without it, we wouldn't have been able to develop many of the great new features we released in 2014. We’d like to sum up some of our achievements and give you the chance to take a sneaky peek at some of the exciting new developments we have in store for this 2015.

  • Nexudus Passport Network

    Nexudus Passport Network

    We are thrilled to announce that [Nexudus Passport Network](http://coworking.nexudus.com/en/page/passport "Nexudus Passport Network") is now available to all locations using Nexudus Spaces. The Nexudus Passport Network spans across all continents and has now more than 700 workspaces and more than 10.000 members. During the last year, we have been running in beta with a selection of locations, collecting feedback and tweaking things. But of course this is not over, we need you all now to provide even more feedback and help us make the Network better in every way.

  • Meet the new Space Dashboard!

    Meet the new Space Dashboard!

    _Have you ever wondered how to visualize the activity on your coworking space?_ For your members, it’s always interesting to have a glance at what’s happening in the space so they can, for example, attend upcoming events or know who is in the space at a certain moment. One way to do that is to use the space website part of your [Nexudus Spaces](http://coworking.nexudus.com/en "") account where you can _upload events, post in the blog, use the space wall or the community board_ to keep a connection with the members of your community.

  • Hacking Impact Hub King's Cross

    Hacking Impact Hub King's Cross

    _Door panel, electric locker, card reader, battery, rj45, and wireless._ These are some of the items you need to integrate door access systems. On top of that, these types of systems may as well be used to empower the connections between the community members of your coworking space. When people move into a community as new member, meeting people can be challenging. We at [Nexudus](http://coworking.nexudus.com/en "Néxudus Spaces") have been working for a while on **tools and software** to help members know each other, link social networks and publish skills and experiences.

  • Maximize booking time in your #coworking space

    Maximize booking time in your #coworking space

    In each of your rooms, you can **install an iPad app** allowing members to see in real-time when that room is available. Reduce unoccupied rooms. If the room is available, members can make a booking directly from the device and start using the room right away.